Rescale Delivers New Capabilities for HPC, Applied AI and ML with NVIDIA –Global Leading Manufacturers Leverage the Power of NVIDIA GPUs for Digital Twins and Digital Transformation

Seamless integration with NVIDIA NGC catalog, Modulus, and Base Command supports faster AI-accelerated simulations and doubles Rescale platform library to include 1,850+ applications

SAN FRANCISCO — July 19, 2022 — (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) Rescale, the leader in high performance computing built for the cloud to accelerate engineering innovation, announced major new capabilities powered by NVIDIA technology, to build digital twins and enable digital transformation as foundational building blocks for the industrial metaverse. This integration of HPC cloud automation and AI helps leading global manufacturers like Hankook Tire to build intelligent digital twins and execute their digital transformation strategies.

Leading manufacturers increasingly rely on AI-enabled computational engineering for product innovation, and Rescale’s integration with NVIDIA technology allows companies to design products using digital twins enabled by AI with unprecedented ease. Digital twins are physically accurate with true-to-reality physics, materials, and behavior. This allows for virtual system testing, layout changes or design optimizations, avoiding any system downtime or failure in the physical twin.

Rescale’s software catalog now provides access to containers from the NVIDIA NGC catalog, enabling users to take advantage of GPU-optimized software in any cloud. With NGC containers, scientists and engineers on Rescale can now deploy over 150 additional containerized AI and HPC applications and hundreds of pretrained AI models optimized for NVIDIA GPUs. This is in addition to the 900+ applications already pre-integrated within Rescale. Specifically, Rescale now also provides easy access to run the NVIDIA Modulus physics-machine-learning platform to enable AI-assisted engineering, putting the latest AI capabilities in the hands of every engineer and scientist in R&D who is building future innovations. Integration with NVIDIA Base Command, NVIDIA’s full-stack AI training platform, is also under development and planned for release later this year.

“The realization of the industrial metaverse will have a profound impact on the design, performance, and supply chains of physical products we use every day,” said Chris Lamb, VP of CUDA, DGX, and Cloud Computing Software at NVIDIA. “Our customers increasingly use AI and digital twins to design better products and optimize how those products will be manufactured — and Rescale makes it incredibly easy for organizations to innovate faster with the power of NVIDIA solutions by managing and automating entire workflows within a turnkey, simple-to-use platform.”

With today’s announcement, Rescale customers now have instant access to the largest AI, HPC, and R&D software suite which can be deployed rapidly on the latest NVIDIA hardware and solution portfolio, all managed and automated within Rescale. Customers can run NVIDIA Modulus and software from the NVIDIA NGC catalog on demand while paying only for the cloud services used. With the combination of NVIDIA’s AI portfolio with Rescale’s broad R&D application library – all in a single cloud environment – customers can easily create new simulation workflows and digital twins that address the widest range of design objectives, while minimizing workflow inefficiencies across disparate platforms and lowering the cost of operating in the cloud, optimizing digital transformation.

“Our decision to partner with Rescale is a huge step towards Hankook Tire’s true digital transformation,” said Bonhee Ku, who is leading the company’s R&D innovation efforts as Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer. “We are committed to evolving ourselves for the global mobility market; and there is no rest until we champion the future.”

Hankook Tire was evolving its R&D strategy and taking next steps to accelerate digital transformation. With Rescale, the company was able to automate its proprietary engineering software across multi-cloud operations by load balancing across different hardware architectures and geographic locations. Through automated optimization, Hankook Tire is able to prioritize running the latest NVIDIA GPU solutions available in Korea, and switch to other new NVIDIA architectures and global cloud capacities seamlessly, without impacting any use by R&D engineers or manual work by IT teams.

“Powering our customers with the latest NVIDIA AI capabilities combined with our R&D application portfolio and HPC cloud platform provides the foundation for engineers and scientists to build digital twins, develop new breakthroughs, and accelerate innovation,” said Joris Poort, CEO and founder of Rescale. “NVIDIA has been a great collaborator and champion of Rescale for many years — and working with NVIDIA for technology development, go-to-market support, and strategic investment, we are able to execute a vision for the industrial metaverse powered by accelerated computing.”

As the leading cloud platform for computational science and engineering, Rescale helps customers with full-stack automation of the technology stack needed by R&D users to simulate physics and understand how products would perform in real-world scenarios, from understanding weather and quantum mechanics to learning how engineered products will perform under enormous stress — such as in rocket science, supersonic aerodynamics, and crash simulations. Rescale’s customers use computational methods and simulation to build digital twins which serve as the foundation of R&D and innovation across the entire product lifecycle. Now, with the complementary capabilities enabled by NVIDIA, Rescale’s customers are further equipped to develop intelligent digital twins with applied AI capabilities.

To learn more about NVIDIA Modulus on Rescale, visit our blog post: How to Accelerate R&D with AI/ML-Based Simulation Featuring NVIDIA Modulus on Rescale.

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