Rescale Joins the Automotive Simulation Center Stuttgart

Stuttgart, Germany — Rescale is pleased to announce that it has become a full member of the Automotive Simulation Center Stuttgart or asc(s. The asc(s is a non-profit organization promoting high-performance simulation in virtual vehicle development. It consists of automotive OEMs and suppliers, software and hardware manufacturers, engineering service providers, and research institutes.
The vehicle design-to-manufacturing process is becoming increasingly simulation driven, but the sheer number of components and systems in a modern car makes multi-disciplinary design for crashworthiness, NVH, durability, fatigue, thermodynamics, electromagnetics, and fluid flow extremely challenging. Fortunately, simulation software and high-performance hardware have both made huge gains in capability over recent years and it’s now possible to simulate complex multi-physics system problems and even run large design of experiments (DOEs) and optimizations on scalable cloud data center hardware. Many IT departments with on-premise capacity are struggling to support cutting-edge applications such as deep learning for autonomous driving and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) simulation, making cloud or hybrid-cloud simulation highly attractive.  

Rescale offers a turnkey “big compute” solution for the automotive industry to exploit the best available software and hardware. Rescale works with a number of automotive customers including Honda, Nissan, Toyota, America Axle, Pinnacle Engines, Magna, and Siemens. Through its partners, Rescale has over 200 pre-installed software tools and over 60 worldwide data centers on tap. Applications include airflow over the vehicle, multibody impact, combustion effectiveness, oil flow, electromagnetic compatibility, and deep learning for autonomous driving.

“Rescale is delighted to be accepted as a member of asc(s,” said Wolfgang Dreyer, Rescale’s EMEA General Manager. “asc(s provides a forum for simulation innovation across the European automotive sector and Rescale is enabling scalable, turnkey on-demand high-performance computing, all pivotal for making automotive simulation cost-effective, fast, and efficient. We look forward to working with the members of the association to better understand industry requirements and trends and to push the boundaries of automotive simulation.”

About asc(s
The asc(s is a non-profit association for know-how carriers in the field of automotive simulation. The company provides its members with the possibility to advance new simulation methods for virtual vehicle development fast and efficiently – particularly if these place high demands on the computing power and data volume.

The asc(s promotes, supports and realises the method development in the field of automotive simulation. Being an interest group and multiplier, the association can offer its members a wide range of services and activities. The main focus of the activities is the concentration of expertise from the automotive and supply industry, software and hardware manufacturers, engineering service providers and research institutes. The asc(s provides the environment for cooperation. Enterprises work hand in hand at the asc(s, thus gaining new impulses for the development of their products.

About Rescale
Rescale is the global leader for high-performance computing simulations and deep learning in the cloud. Trusted by the Global Fortune 500, Rescale empowers the world’s top scientists and engineers to develop the most innovative new products and perform groundbreaking research and development faster and at lower cost. Rescale’s ScaleX platform transforms traditional fixed IT resources into flexible hybrid, private, and public cloud resources—built on the largest and most powerful high-performance computing network in the world. For more information on Rescale’s ScaleX platform, visit