Rescale’s Turnkey Cloud HPC Platform Now Offers NVIDIA Tesla V100 GPU with NVLink

San Francisco, CA – Rescale, the global provider of HPC in the cloud, today announced that NVIDIA Tesla V100 GPU accelerators and NVIDIA NVLink high-speed interconnect technology are now available on Rescale’s ScaleX turnkey cloud platform for AI and high performance computing (HPC). The new GPUs are hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS) and as dedicated bare metal nodes by SkyScale, a Rescale partner. All resources are accessible on an hourly basis with Rescale’s more than 200 pre-installed and pre-tuned HPC applications.

With the addition of the Tesla V100 to the ScaleX platform, Rescale users gain instant, hourly access to the fastest, most powerful GPU on the market. Based on the highly efficient NVIDIA Volta GPU architecture, the Tesla V100 is a big compute powerhouse, delivering 3x the training performance compared to its predecessor.

GPUs accelerate HPC applications such as finite element analysis (FEA) and are popular for deep learning, a branch of machine learning that aims to mimic the brain’s neural networks. Enterprises looking to tap into the power of the Tesla V100 with NVIDIA NVLink can now get same-day results with Rescale’s portfolio of 200+ commercial, open-source, and proprietary software applications that are pre-installed and ready-to-use on the ScaleX platform.

The addition of the Tesla V100 complements the existing suite of NVIDIA GPUs on the Rescale ScaleX platform, including NVIDIA’s prior generations, the Tesla P100, and Tesla K80. With the variety of CPU and GPU architectures available on the Rescale cloud, users have the option to run their applications on clusters optimized for either performance or cost according to their budget and project schedule on a pay-as-you-go basis.
“We are excited to add the Tesla V100 with NVIDIA NVLink to our platform, giving our customers immediate, easy cloud access to the fastest GPU and interconnect,” said Gabriel Broner, VP and GM of HPC at Rescale. “By having access to the latest hardware on-demand through our partners SkyScale and AWS, our customers are able to push the boundaries of innovation, discovery, and achieve the fastest possible development cycles and time to market.”

“SkyScale’s bare-metal systems bring a unique configuration to the ScaleX platform,” remarked Tim Miller, president of SkyScale. “Our high speed multi-GPU V100 and P100 systems have four, eight, or sixteen GPUs in a single node, which can also be clustered. Those with NVIDIA NVLink™ high-speed interconnects run up to 300 GB/s; five times the bandwidth of PCIe.”
“With Tesla V100 GPUs with NVIDIA NVLink on the Rescale cloud, customers have the flexibility to access the world’s fastest GPU on demand for their most demanding HPC and AI workloads,” said Paresh Kharya, group product marketing manager at NVIDIA.

Interested users can apply to Rescale’s Deep Learning Kickstart Program, which provides Rescale credits to test NVIDIA’s latest GPUs for enterprise workloads. For details, please visit

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