Xplicit Computing Debuts Advanced CAE Software On-Demand in the Cloud


San Francisco, CA – Xplicit Computing, Inc. and Rescale, Inc. are excited to announce a partnership to offer X2 Firebird on Rescale’s ScaleX platform. X2 Firebird will be deployed as the first on-demand, cloud-only numerical simulation software for scientists and engineers on Rescale. X2 Firebird leverages the latest in systems programming and parallel computing, enabling real-time team collaboration on complex technical projects. This new heterogeneous computing platform delivers immense double-precision GPU speed-up, yielding significant value improvement over CPU-based solutions (starting with fluid dynamics and structural statics).

X2 Firebird will become available on October 15th on the ScaleX platform. X2 Firebird does not require users to buy or rent a perpetual license. Xplicit Computing will charge a flat per user hourly rate for software access. The first 1000 registered users will receive a 60-day free trial. Join the beta for early access.

X2 Firebird integrates systems, geometry, physics, and graphics into a modern platform to improve the engineering design and optimization process and user experience.

After four years of development, Xplicit Computing’s CEO Graham Orr has chosen to debut X2 Firebird on Rescale’s ScaleX platform, stating, “It’s been thrilling to unify many fields of numerical simulation within X2 Firebird. I’m really looking forward to its practical uses for everyday engineers and scientists.” After rounding out conventional techniques, the goal is to expand into more novel computational systems and numerical methods. “Through procedural design and optimization, I believe we can fundamentally change the engineering process and eventually provide essential foundations for advanced energy, computational medicine, and perhaps even bring foresight to artificial intelligence.”

Major advances in cloud computing are enabled by integrating X2 Firebird with Rescale’s global HPC infrastructure.  “I’m excited to see a simulation tool designed from the ground up to be browser-based, on-demand and leveraging the very latest parallel architectures become available on the Rescale platform,” said Joris Poort, CEO of Rescale. “This perfectly fits the Rescale vision of complex software and hardware becoming highly accessible, easy to use, and scalable to the largest engineering and scientific problems.”

Xplicit Computing uses Rescales ScaleX Developer to deploy and manage X2 Firebird. ScaleX Developer is designed for external application developers and independent software vendors (ISVs) to build, test, and deploy software directly to Rescale’s ScaleX platform. Rescale enables ScaleX Developer users to perform native software integrations automatically with Rescale’s powerful backend.

How X2 Firebird is different:

    • Extensible Systems: Systems are unique, as defined by their attributes: geometry, physics, conditions, and algorithms. X2 Firebird maps each system to the computer’s filesystem so you can build upon and reuse your work.
    • Parallel Multi-Physics: Supporting CFD, FEA, and other pro functionalities, X2 Firebird allows any physical model to be applied to multiple domains at any level of fidelity. You can now connect a 0D circuit schematic directly to a 3D physical component, naturally.
    • Concurrent Collaboration: Like a Google Doc for simulation, your team can collectively build complex projects with no lost-in-translation mistakes, and share as you please.
    • Highly-Integrated: Under the hood, a ground-up C/C++ platform unifies systems, geometry, physics, and graphics to yield an unparalleled user experience. No more meshing headaches or bad overnight re-runs.
  • Custom Modeling: Users can easily develop or adapt physical models into a fully-parallel computing environment that can be run on any OpenCL-compatible device. Build on top of base functionalities.
X2 Firebird’s code generator assembles code fragments into compute kernels that define the numerical behavior of any given system. Although most users don’t need to know how to program, advanced users can customize these algorithms during runtime to produce new functionalities.

The initial release focuses on single-domain essentials: AUSM+ FVM, single-phase LBM, linear thermo-elastic FEM, Tet Mesh Tool, and discrete IO support (stl, msh, vtk, …). Multi-domain coupling, octree geometries, and customizable dynamic modeling are scheduled for 2018 releases.
If you are interested in requesting access to a free 60- day trial for X2 Firebird on the ScaleX platform, join the beta for early access.

About Xplicit Computing
Xplicit Computing strives to extend the primary principles of software and computer engineering (modularity, regularity, and hierarchy) to broader engineering disciplines, fundamentally changing how things are designed and made. Having seen how existing tools inhibit the pace of innovation at leading aerospace institutions, founder Graham Orr decided to focus on fixing the problem by applying the latest computing paradigms and language features to a generalizable codebase to meet current industry requirements while establishing standards for a more scalable and democratized forward approach. Incorporated in 2014, Xplicit Computing is privately-owned and powered by a small core team of engineers in Mountain View, CA with academic collaborators at Stanford, MIT, and the Von Karman Institute for Fluid Dynamics. The company and leadership maintains several industry and government alliances, spanning conventional and experimental expertise in aerospace and energy sectors. For more information, visit www.xplicitcomputing.com.

About Rescale
Rescale is the world’s leading cloud platform provider of simulation software and high performance computing (HPC) solutions. Rescale’s platform solutions are deployed securely and seamlessly to enterprises via a web-based application environment powered by preeminent simulation software providers and backed by the largest commercially available HPC infrastructure. Headquartered in San Francisco, CA, Rescale’s customers include global Fortune 500 companies in the aerospace, automotive, life sciences, marine, consumer products, and energy sectors. For more information on Rescale products and services, visit www.rescale.com.