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The explosion of advanced engineering design and computer-aided engineering (CAE) tools is only going to continue to grow in digital engineering, making bursting schedulers like Altair PBS Works, Slurm workload management, IBM Spectrum LSF, are not a scalable solution for companies looking to innovate quickly and reduce their time to solve complex engineering challenges.

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HPC schedulers are often limited by the costly effort and level of customization required to spin up new HPC workflows,  and the cost of their ongoing maintenance. You are also limited by the number of vendors you can integrate with, especially in the CAE space. 

While traditional cloud bursting schedulers like Altair have Cloud HPC capabilities, Rescale is the industry’s only High Performance Computing platform built for the cloud with hardware and software intelligence to automate and optimize engineering workloads ensuring modern, enterprise-scale HPC operations.

While most HPC schedulers allow you the ability to burst into public clouds and manage a changing HPC environment through plugins, they are still static and inelastic which will only require a high amount of on-going maintenance and fine-tuning as your organization scales its complex simulations. 

Optimized Enterprise HPC Operations

The industry’s first fully-managed HPC platform with hardware and software intelligence to automate and optimize engineering workloads.

  • Rescale Control Plane
  • Rescale Intelligence
  • Policy-Driven Management
  • R&D Workflow Automation

Rescale Platform Benefits

Flexible platform designed to support a range R&D use-cases,
IT management, and security & compliance requirements. 

Performance & Efficiency

Optimize the full HPC stack with HW and SW-aware performance and cost intelligence.

Key Features

Full-stack economics management with continuous performance optimization

Software license queuing & software license management

Multiple price/performance service levels

Key Benefits

Run 20%+ more simulations on the same  budget

Financial flexibility with lower maintenance  and staffing burden

R&D resources focused on innovation and higher R&D talent retention

Control At Scale

Define enterprise-wide policies to scale and standardize operations and meet business needs.

Key Features

Full-stack security with policy-based  security management

Comprehensive visibility with policy-based financial and architectural controls

Service continuity with capacity bursting &  fanout across hybrid and multi-cloud.

Key Benefits

Reduced risk of service outage affecting critical R&D efforts

Ensure critical projects are allocated the  appropriate resources

Reduced risk of data loss & theft

Empowered R&D

Enable collaboration and simplify infrastructure to commercialize new innovations faster.

Key Features

Computational workflow automation with  simulation data sharing

User and application-centric experience with automated HW matching

Full-stack professional support with
application expertise

Key Benefits

Faster time-to-market of new innovations

Higher quality & more competitive products

R&D resources focused on innovation and higher R&D talent retention


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