Accelerating Life Science Breakthroughs

Accelerating Life Science Breakthroughs

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Life Science leaders applying high performance computing (HPC) to their R&D pipelines, are exploiting the
advantages of new cloud infrastructures for their simulations. The urgency and complexity of navigating
discovery, production, and approval processes has pushed fixed HPC infrastructure to its limits. Now leading companies are looking for new ways to enhance their simulation capabilities by leveraging dynamic cloud resources to boost agility, collaboration, and most importantly the safety and efficacy of new treatments.

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A Managed-Platform Tuned for Your Specific Applications

Researchers & Scientists depend on an increasingly diverse set of hardware and software infrastructure to run critical simulations in genomics, drug discovery, product formulation, process development, clinical trials, and personalized treatment. Rescale offers the optimal combination of highly secured infrastructure (HW & SW) on-demand and backs it up with end-to-end support, reducing lifetime HPC costs.