Amogy Accelerates Clean Energy Technology for Sustainable Heavy Transportation with HPC Built for the Cloud

En Route to Solve Transportation’s Emissions Problem

Today heavy-duty transportation contributes 10% of greenhouse emissions annually. Clean energy companies like Amogy are using advanced engineering techniques to develop hydrocarbon alternatives, and their solution is already showing promise. CEO Seonghoon Woo and the cofounding team of former MIT PhDs set out to design an ammonia-based power system to fuel planes, trains, trucks, and shipping vessels. Amogy’s solution combines advancements in hydrogen fuel cells with the advantages of ammonia as a fuel source. The company aims to deliver a turnkey clean energy solution that can be easily integrated into existing vehicles, and by 2040 they expect to be able to reduce 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions.

The Need for Computational and Engineering Speed

Revolutionizing an industry dependent on hydrocarbon fuels requires an efficient and economical solution, which is why Amogy focuses heavily on computational research using high performance computing. Engineers at Amogy test multiple models, with a variety of different parameters, and under varying
conditions. For example, the team can determine the optimal design that maximizes the ammonia to hydrogen conversion process in their reactors.

Pictured: Amogy simulating prototype CFD performance
Pictured: Amogy ammonia-powered battery solution onboard a

As Amogy’s simulations increased in volume and fidelity, the team needed a high performance computing solution to meet aggressive R&D deadlines. Seonghoon Woo described Amogy’s approach: “Simulation and modeling are critical to transforming heavy duty transportation – it’s essential for large scale projects. Proving out product designs and testing small changes upfront is important because hardware scaling is costly and takes a long time.”

A User-Centric Solution for Accelerated R&D

Long queue and solve times quickly became a barrier to productivity, so the team began to search for a cloud-based solution that they could quickly implement. Being focused on advanced research and development, Amogy needs access to state-of-the-art computing infrastructure and operations that
do not require extensive IT support. Woo explained that a key objective enabling engineering productivity: “We have great diversity of engineering backgrounds from chemical, electrical, and mechanical, so we needed a turnkey solution that is easy to use and supports a variety of use cases.

After evaluating different cloud HPC options, Amogy selected Rescale as a complete HPC-as-a-Service solution with the best overall user experience according to lead simulation engineer, Chris Stanczak. He said: “We needed a solution with the best of speed, cost, reliability, and simplicity – that’s what led us to choose Rescale.”