Vertical Aerospace Pioneers Urban Air Mobility with Cloud-First Strategy on Rescale

75% reduction in the cost per job for engineering simulation workloads

In a race to be first to market for urban electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) taxis, Vertical Aerospace invests heavily in engineering talent and digital capabilities that give them a competitive edge. Adapting cutting-edge digital R&D techniques from automotive and aerospace sectors, the team takes advantage of simulation and high performance computing (HPC) to improve their vehicles’ aerodynamics, battery performance, and rotor drivetrain efficiency.

Vertical Aerospace CIO, Madhu Bhabuta explains: “We need new tools to produce a new kind of vehicle – old tools like on-prem computing systems just aren’t sufficient and can be cost-inefficient.” The company decided early on to adopt a cloud-first strategy and pursued a platform to automate and optimized their HPC operations. “Cloud is fundamental for our Business. Access to the cloud HPC technologies means that we have access to the world’s expertise for solving the toughest aerospace challenges,” added Bhabuta.