Elastic Cloud Workstation Product Data Sheet

Flexible and Unified Computing for Engineers, Scientists, and Researchers

  • Access the latest applications, versions, and licensing on demand and run them interactively on a rich, web-based GUI.
  • Run multi-node workloads across any cloud and the latest architectures to get the best performance for your applications.
  • Launch in minutes to remotely access applications and files and collaborate live with colleagues. Suspend and resume sessions as needed.

Secure and Scalable Virtual Infrastructure for IT/HPC Leaders

  • Deploy fault-tolerant virtual infrastructure globally across any cloud or specialized architecture to optimize application cost performance.
  • Deliver 1000+ pre-loaded applications and the latest versions with on-demand licensing, hosting, and support.
  • Automate security and compliance from end-to-end with leading standards to protect company, customer, and employee data.