Intelligent Computing for Digital R&D

Rescale’s Software-Defined Approach to Modernizing Science and Engineering Computing

Executive Summary

IT teams have pushed storage and networking from legacy inflexible and inefficient models to a much more dynamic and agile management model. Core to this evolution has been the advent of software defined data centers, which separate managing logical resources from the underlying physical infrastructure. This trend has dramatically reshaped storage and networking infrastructure, and
now Software-Defined Computing (SDC) is emerging as a major force in scaleout, compute-intensive applications. Software-Defined Computing first changed the data center 15 years ago with the advent of server virtualization, and now is redefining how science and engineering’s R&D applications and workflows are accelerated and optimized in the enterprise.

Rescale’s intelligent software-defined computing approach transforms static hardware power into a dynamic resource that enables automation and simplified, rapid deployment for large-scale applications. With SDC, both line of business and IT managers can better match their needs to available compute resources without a need to understand the complexity of the underlying hardware. By combining SDC with workload intelligence, IT organizations can abstract and automate complex hardware decisions and configurations for their end users. This enables them to efficiently drive digital transformation initiatives and take advantage of the best and latest hybrid and multi-cloud technologies for each specific application.

In this white paper, we present the core ideas and new trends in Software-Defined
Compute, and how Rescale automates SDC for IT and HPC organizations.

Key Take Aways
• Traditional infrastructure models lack flexibility, performance, and efficiency to meet the changing demands of modern R&D computing needs
• IT and R&D teams face increased complexity navigating hardware choice and varying cost-performance across hybrid- and multi-cloud options which can cause costly inefficiencies and delayed time-to-market
• Rescale’s intelligent software-defined computing approach abstracts and automates complex infrastructure decisions and configurations leading to improved application performance, accelerated breakthroughs, and lower fullstack costs of compute operations.