Introducing the Rescale Cloud HPC Ecosystem Report

This year Rescale is excited to announce the inaugural Cloud HPC Ecosystem Report composed of insights from practitioner behaviors and industry trends. 2020 was a year of tremendous growth of cloud technologies and changes in the way we work – this was especially true for organizations that depended on access to high performance computing resources. 

By working closely with pioneering customers and partners in software and infrastructure, Rescale gets a unique perspective of the exciting breakthroughs in digital research and development. We examine the best-practices that enable these breakthroughs and share predictions for the future of the industry. 

This report contains results from a blind survey of IT professionals, HPC managers, and practitioners from a wide range of industries from Life Science to Aerospace. For the first time, we uncover proprietary analysis of hardware and software usage and performance. 

Summary of Key Findings and Trends

A major trend seen in this report is the growth and adoption of cloud provider offerings for HPC. In response to the global pandemic, many organizations shifted their HPC workloads to the cloud with 73% of survey participants predicting their workloads will be mostly or entirely in the cloud within 5 years. 

Top trends include:

  • HPC Practitioners adopt increasingly diverse workload profiles composed of multiple cloud providers, architecture types, and application vendors and versions.
  • Flexibility to upgrade and choose multi-cloud and hybrid hardware is a competitive advantage for performance and cost.
  • IT and HPC Managers employ controls to manage top challenges like complexity, cost, and security.

“We are witnessing and learning from rapid changes taking place in just the last few years. Organizations in nearly every industry can benefit from the knowledge of and access to the technologies that will work best for them. Rescale has accumulated this knowledge over the last decade and now we are excited to share it.” Joris Poort – CEO, Rescale

If you are an engineer looking to build better products, a scientist looking to uncover your next breakthrough, or a technology leader looking to improve the performance and efficiency of your teams, this report is for you. 

Download the full report