JTEKT Thermo Systems Pioneers Sustainability for Industrial Manufacturing

JTEKT Thermo Systems has been a world-leading manufacturer of industrial heating systems since 1967. Throughout its history, innovation has been the essential component of the organization’s success.

In order to remain at the forefront of its industry, JTEKT must continually improve its heating systems, ovens, and furnaces for the automotive, semiconductor, energy, and communications markets.

But now JTEKT faces perhaps its biggest challenge. It must make its industrial heating systems cleaner and more energy efficient. Any breakthroughs in how manufacturers use energy-intensive heating systems can mean a big step forward in creating greener industrial processes.

At the same time, it must continue to drive down its engineering and manufacturing costs while building even more effective heating systems.

But by partnering with Rescale, the Osaka-based company can now innovate much more quickly and efficiently, speeding its pace of innovation by as much as 75 percent.

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