Life Sciences and Cloud HPC: Enabling Accelerated R&D with Intelligent Computing

In this ebook, we’ll walk through the challenges faced within the Life Sciences industry and the ways in which Rescale and Amazon Web Services (AWS) partner to offer companies a ready-to-go solution: 

  • Accelerate research and discovery from development to commercialization across R&D projects
  • Expedite approvals and time to market of new drugs and devices
  • Control costs and increase workload performance
  • Meet strict compliance and security standards
  • Increase operational and cost efficiencies

Whats inside the eBook

Empower life sciences R&D with high performance computing built for the cloud to accelerate the pace of innovation

From genomics to drug discovery to devices, life science breakthroughs lead to real impacts on human lives. Companies within the field of life sciences have been shifting their high performance computing (HPC) needs to a cloud-based approach.

Built for the cloud HPC with Rescale on AWS takes the complexity out of running simulations and using computational tools to support life sciences workloads and innovation, scaling with ease and alleviating on-premises queues. Information Technology managers can control, optimize, and secure critical infrastructure and workloads with an intelligent automation platform for HPC.

Researchers and scientists can accelerate R&D cycles, get to market faster, and maximize operational efficiency securely.

Together, Rescale and AWS enable scalable, secure infrastructure with high performance compute power to run complex computational workloads and simulations within life sciences.