Rescale HPC Practice Report Summer 2022

Rescale HPC Practice Report

Bi-annual insights from the Rescale High Performance Computing Practice helping organizations to transform computational science & engineering with the power of cloud

Rescale’s mission is to empower engineers and scientists to accelerate innovation breakthroughs. To realize this mission, we provide the world’s leading cloud platform for high performance computing, bolstered by a team of HPC professionals that work closely with customers, cloud providers, and software providers to deliver cloud transformation outcomes.

This inaugural report summarizes our HPC Practice’s recent experience and observations. Our goal is to keep the HPC community informed on the latest developments in cloud-enabled HPC. 

As we wrap up the first half of 2022, we witness some key trends. First, new industries like life sciences and energy are seeing mainstream cloud adoption for computational science and engineering, following the aerospace and automotive industries a few years ago. 

Second, chip manufacturers and cloud providers are quickly innovating on new technologies, creating new opportunities for customers but also increasing the complexity of the cloud HPC landscape. 

Lastly, as organizations move to cloud, some are finding the need to operate on multiple architectures, geographies, service levels, and cloud providers to help ensure they are meeting R&D and cost objectives. 

When we founded Rescale over ten years ago, we envisioned a world where engineering-driven companies transformed their R&D with the power of cloud. I personally am thrilled by the progress we are making as an industry. We hope you enjoy this report.