Rescale Manufacturing Datasheet

Leaders in CPG, Electronics, Heavy Industry, and Other Cutting-Edge Manufacturers Use Rescale to:

  • Accelerate production timelines
  • Optimize manufacturing processes
  • Improve process sustainability and safety 
  • Perform multidisciplinary innovation 
  • Reduce recalls and warranty claims

Rescale Accelerates HPC Digital Transformation in Manufacturing to Develop Next-Gen Products 

High performance computing (HPC) drives manufacturing innovation at every stage of product development. Today’s industry leaders are adopting cloud HPC to build better products and develop new techniques for predictive maintenance and digital twin prototypes. Legacy on-prem HPC infrastructure lacks the flexibility and agility to meet growing computational needs. Rescale empowers engineers to accelerate R&D initiatives and deliver more competitive products.

“The Rescale platform has enabled Arrival to meet its rapidly growing computational needs, run higher fidelity models faster, and improve collaboration across the company.” — Nathan Baker, Head of RED-CAT, Arrival