Accelerate Time to Market with HPC as a Service (HPCaaS)

Deliver Policy-based Automation and Turnkey HPC Options For a Full-stack Solution From Infrastructure to Software

  • 900+ Leading HPC Software, Pre-Installed
  • Instant Access to Any Cloud Provider and Hardware
  • Leading Compliance Standards & Full Security Controls
  • Continuous Cost-Performance Optimization
  • Flexible GUI, CLI, and API Options
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For Engineers & Researchers

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For IT & HPC Professionals

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One Simple Platform to Unify All Your HPC Needs

Simplify Your Digital R&D with Rescale Intelligent Computing

From supersonic jets to personalized medicine, industry leaders are bringing new product innovations to market with unprecedented speed and efficiency with Rescale. By delivering intelligent full-stack automation and performance optimization to engineering applications, workflows, and infrastructures across hybrid cloud, our platform empowers engineers and gives IT an unprecedented level of security and control. CIOs are increasingly using Rescale to deliver HPC-as-a-Service with a secure control plane to deliver any application, on any architecture, at any scale on their cloud of choice.

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Securely take advantage of cloud computing without maintaining R&D software, configuring HPC hardware, or managing cloud provider infrastructure. 

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Accelerate time-to-solve and manage costs with software licensing optimization and workload-aware hardware performance intelligence.

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Bring digital transformation to R&D operations with global collaboration, exploratory simulations, and digital twins.

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Full-Stack and Fully Extensible HPC Platform

Rescale is a comprehensive platform for turnkey HPC with 1000+ ecosystem integrations, extensive partnership community, and API connections to many common PLM, SPDM, data, and storage platforms.

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Running HPC in the Cloud: The HPC Consumption Model is Here to Stay

Running HPC workloads is simultaneously becoming more complex and more expensive. The number of users who can benefit from leveraging HPC infrastructure are growing while the skillsets required for deploying, maintaining, and supporting the systems are becoming more scarce. Additionally, virtually all organizations’ budgets are being challenged either with shrinking CAPEX (capital expense) and OPEX (operating expense) budgets, or a shifting of CAPEX budget to OPEX. A new business model for accessing and deploying HPC resources would be welcome across the HPC ecosystem.

HPCaaS (HPC as a Service) aims to address these mounting challenges by:

  • Making HPC jobs far easier to run and eliminating much of the inherent complexity of HPC. 
  • Exposing HPC resources for pay-as-you-go OPEX consumption and alleviating underutilization of resources.
  • Virtualizing cloud resources to support best-of-breed resources and latest architectures
  • Supporting continuous access to all geographies.
  • Providing recipes for targeted vertical HPC applications and delivering the appropriate resource profile and predictable cost model matched to the specific HPC workload.
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Turnkey, simple yet powerful interface

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Support for any
hardware and software

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Seamless & secure collaboration

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Engineers & Researchers

Start Your Free HPC Rescale Trial

Are you looking to get simulations results faster? Are the current simulation softwares/hardwares able to scale for the needs of your workloads? See how Rescale’s HPC cloud platform can help you:

  • Spin up clusters immediately with fast & intuitive job setup, backed by guaranteed job completion
  • Achieve fast results with no queuing & higher yield on the first design pass
  • Get access to the latest simulation technology w/10x less computation times
  • See higher quality results through AI-assisted engineering & datasets

IT & HPC Professionals

Start Your Free HPC Rescale Trial

Managing your organization’s growing HPC compute needs can be challenging. Not sure if you are using the best hardware or software? Are you meeting new and existing security compliance requirements? This is where Rescale’s HPC platform excels.

  • Control HPC budgets, licenses, and costs
  • Automate resource provisioning
  • Simplify hybrid, multi-cloud hardware
  • Ensure end-to-end security and compliance
  • Get expert application management and support
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(HW + SW) controls

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Policy-driven management

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Granular resource
usage reporting

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Financial controls
for billing and budgets

Rescale Platform Benefits

Flexible platform designed to support a range R&D use-cases,
IT management, and security & compliance requirements. 

Performance & Efficiency

Optimize the full HPC stack with HW and SW-aware performance and cost intelligence.

Key Features

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Full-stack economics management with continuous performance optimization

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Software license queuing & software license management

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Multiple price/performance service levels

Key Benefits

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Run 20%+ more simulations on the same  budget

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Financial flexibility with lower maintenance  and staffing burden

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R&D resources focused on innovation and higher R&D talent retention

Control At Scale

Define enterprise-wide policies to scale and standardize operations and meet business needs.

Key Features

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Full-stack security with policy-based  security management

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Comprehensive visibility with policy-based financial and architectural controls

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Service continuity with capacity bursting &  fanout across hybrid and multi-cloud.

Key Benefits

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Reduced risk of service outage affecting critical R&D efforts

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Ensure critical projects are allocated the  appropriate resources

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Reduced risk of data loss & theft

Empowered R&D

Enable collaboration and simplify infrastructure to commercialize new innovations faster.

Key Features

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Computational workflow automation with  simulation data sharing

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User and application-centric experience with automated HW matching

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Full-stack professional support with
application expertise

Key Benefits

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Faster time-to-market of new innovations

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Higher quality & more competitive products

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R&D resources focused on innovation and higher R&D talent retention

Optimized Cloud HPC


Teams that have adopted Rescale have seen 66% faster new infrastructure deployments


Teams that have adopted Rescale have seen 42% lower total cost of compute.


Teams that have adopted Rescale can run 20%+ more simulations on the same or less budget, giving them access to 22% more compute resource output to innovate faster and remain competitive.

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Learn about how to accelerate your business business can using Rescale.

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Free Trial

Get $10 in credits to test out the Rescale platform.

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Benchmarking Cloud- HPC Hardware for R&D and Engineering Applications

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