Tutorial: Manage Groups and Projects on the Rescale Enterprise Portal

Rescale’s ScaleX Enterprise Portal allows administrators to have fine-grained control over the their members’ spending on the ScaleX platform by setting up Groups and Projects. In this post we’ll explain what these concepts are and how to use them.
Groups on the ScaleX platform are groups of members – they are useful mainly for their relationship to other entities like projects. Projects can be limited to participating groups, which allows administrators to control which members participate in which projects.
Projects on the ScaleX Enterprise platform are labels that members can assign to jobs. For instance, a company may decide to use a ScaleX project for each real-world product they are developing, or a consultancy may use a ScaleX project for each client project they have. Administrators can control the spending on projects by setting a budget for each project.
Project budgets, coupled with the ability to require jobs to be assigned to projects, allow administrators in-depth regulation over the spending of their members.
Let’s explain how to use these features with an example, Example Co. Example Co.is developing several products – an electric car engine, an electric car battery, and an airplane wing. Example Co. administrators decide to set up projects for each of these so they control budgets and member participation. First, the administrators go to the project page on the ScaleX Enterprise Portal, and creates projects for each of these products:
Now, the administrators would like to determine which members can participate in these projects. The internal Example Co. groups are Car R&D, Car Engineering, Airplane R&D, and Airplane Engineering. The administrators would like Car R&D members to be able to participate in both the car jobs, Car Engineering to be able to participate in only the Electric Car Engine project, and both of the airplane groups to be able to participate in the Airplane Wing project.
First, the administrators go to the Groups page to create groups:
Then, back on the Projects page, the administrators click on the settings for each project to assign groups:
After the administrators add the desired groups to all the projects, they can see the group membership on each of the project’s settings pages:
Now, the administrators would like to assign budgets to each of these projects. They can do this either on the settings page:
or directly on the Project page:
Members will not be allowed to exceed the budget on jobs assigned to project. Whenever a member creates a job under a project, the project budget will be checked and if it would be exceeded, the job will remain queued.
Now the administrators assign their members to appropriate groups. They do this on each group’s page, which can be accessed from the main Groups list:
Then the member search box on the right can be used to add members to the group:
Members can be added to more than one group.
Finally, the Example Co. administrators would like to require their members to assign a project in order to create jobs. This will allow them to track spending and budget carefully. On the company settings page, select this option:
To recap, all of the Example Co. members will be required to select a project when creating jobs on the ScaleX Enterprise platform, and they will have to select a project that is available to one of the groups to which they belong. Their spending will be restricted based on the project selected.
To begin leveraging the ScaleX Enterprise platform to scale simulations and manage projects, you can contact info@rescale.com or signup at www.rescale.com/signup.

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