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Rescale is a cloud-based platform for computational engineering and R&D

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Announcing Rescale Metadata Management

Makes sharing simulation insights seamless, flexible and automated. Integrates with SPDM to capture the intention, context, and outcome of every simulation.

Engineers Empowered. Security & Control for IT.

Powerful and Intuitive Interface

Run simulations and collaborate with instant access to any application on any specialized architecture at cloud scale using the Rescale API or GUI.

AI-Enabled Performance Optimization

Optimize time-to-solve and cost objectives with Rescale performance intelligence, and apply AI methods to simulations and modeling.

End-to-End Cloud Security & Compliance

Comprehensive encryption and access controls for full-stack security with privacy protection and support for the latest compliance standards.

Policy-based HPC Control with Analytics

Policy-based financial and architectural controls to manage hardware, software, and workflows with intelligent analytics.

Powering Innovations Across Industries

Help engineers and scientists tackle bigger challenges and commercialize innovations faster with HPC technologies.


Explore multi-disciplinary optimization, use surrogate models to optimize design & performance.

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Define the future of autonomous, connected and electrified vehicles with better safety and performance.

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Discover new energy sources and optimize electrical grids for more efficient and sustainable power.

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Design the next-generation silicon and electronics that power our devices, vehicles, and computers.

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Life Sciences

Develop life-saving pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and precision medicine and therapies.

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Design and produce cutting-edge industrial and consumer products with AI/ML and digital twins.

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Your Partner in Digital Engineering

Learn how Exponent, Sensatek, and Liberty University are using Rescale to accelerate innovation with computational science and engineering.

Digitally Transform New Product Development

Phase 1



R&D velocity is constrained by lack of computing capacity or legacy hardware


Accelerate product development with secure access to computing at scale enabled by full-stack cloud automation

Phase 2

Unified Management


IT teams are challenged to onboard more teams & support growing portfolios of software, hardware, & tools


Increased R&D efficiency and reduced financial and compliance risk enabled by unified visibility and policy-driven control

Phase 3

Automated and Data-Driven Engineering


Business competitiveness & R&D innovation constrained by legacy product development process


More competitive products brought to market faster enabled by seamless collaboration and data integration

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