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Powering Cloud Transformation

Powered By Rescale gives Hardware Manufacturers, Software Providers, System Integrators, and Managed Service Providers the ability to integrate the Rescale High Performance Computing (HPC) built for the cloud technology into their offering, unlocking new business models and driving innovation.

Pathway to Cloud and Unlocking SaaS Opportunities

Customers are looking for cloud based simulation services and organizations need a pathway to migrate from on-premise to cloud. Powered by Rescale is the platform that enables this transformation with cutting edge hybrid cloud orchestration and deployment of HPC and AI/ML Software for Digital R&D.

The Engine to Power your Transformation

Hybrid Cloud

  • Rescale can facilitate the implementation of hybrid cloud strategies across the Public Cloud, Private Cloud or with existing on premise infrastructure. 
  • Ability to work with general schedulers such as SLURM and others

White Label and API Flexibility

  • Our white label and API options ensure a seamless, branded experience for our partners, allowing them to effortlessly incorporate our solutions into their portfolio.
  • Maintain your users existing workflows and augment your offering by adding Rescale’s HPCaaS.

SaaS and On Demand Licensing

  • Leverage Rescale’s 12 years of industry experience to properly implement SaaS and consumption based models for your software. 
  • With the ability to meter all usage you can unlock consumption based models and leverage On Demand Licensing (ODL).

Leaders in Security

  • Partner with Rescale and take advantage of our industry-leading security compliance. Powered by Rescale is ITAR and FedRAMP Moderate authorized out of the box and can accelerate your timelines to government contracts.
  • Rescale Secure Compute – leverage one pager text

Multi-Vendor Support

  • Add from Rescale’s industry-leading software catalog to provide additional functionality for your customers and become the central hub for your users’ workflows
  • Bring in ecosystem integrations with other technologies such as Datalakes, Data Warehouses, PLM (product lifecycle management), and more to augment existing workflows and keep your users on your platform while remaining agnostic. 

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