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NVIDIA on Rescale for
Scientific and Engineering Innovation

AI and GPU-accelerated simulations powered by
a secure turnkey platform for high performance computing

Powering the Digital Transformation of R&D

GPU-accelerated computing is on the rise

AI is turbocharging science and engineering

Adoption of cloud computing is growing

Innovate with NVIDIA AI and GPU-Accelerated Applications

Access 1,000+ commercial and open-source HPC applications and AI frameworks with the push of a button.

Rescale’s catalog includes computational fluid dynamics, finite element analysis, molecular dynamics, electromagnetic simulation, electronic design automation, AI frameworks, and more.

Generate AI training data with simulation results from computational models. Harness the power of AI to accelerate R&D testing and design.

Accelerate R&D with
Any NVIDIA Architecture on Any Cloud

Rescale offers the latest accelerated computing hardware through our cloud service provider partners including AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Rescale’s intelligent platform and Performance Profiles feature help users find the right hardware architecture for their workloads. High performance options include H100 Tensor Core GPUs and L4 Tensor Core GPUs.

Rescale helps you balance performance, cost, and power consumption for large-scale simulations, AI model training, virtual desktops, ray tracing, and other compute-intensive R&D efforts.

R&D Computing at Any Scale
In the Cloud

Rescale provides support for hardware, software, and data management in the cloud.

Start with pilot projects, using individual GPUs that you can access on-demand from cloud service providers.

Seamlessly transition to large-scale production on multi-node GPU clusters available from Rescale’s network or by subscription with DGX Cloud.


Rely on Rescale’s Industry-Leading
Governance and Security

Rescale provides an intuitive, centralized management console and baked-in security for your AI projects.

Easily control hardware costs and software licensing utilization.

Protect IP and ensure compliance with the strictest industry standards, including ITAR, FedRAMP, HIPAA, GDPR, and SOC 2. Ensure security and data protection across every step of the user experience.

Go Fast, Really Fast with NVIDIA on Rescale

With Rescale, rapidly deploy a full-stack cloud HPC and AI platform — 10X-20X faster than do-it-yourself approaches.

Rescale makes it possible to deploy in days or weeks rather than months or quarters.

Once deployed, you can run simulations and AI workflows on the most advanced high performance computing architectures available.

Accelerate Simulations, Decrease Costs, and
Lower Energy Consumption

Find the best hardware for any workflow with Rescale Performance Profiles

NVIDIA on Rescale
Customer Stories



AZothBio runs AI models on Rescale to shorten genome and peptide simulations from 5 days to less than 24 hours.

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Doosan Enerbility

Doosan Enerbility accelerates AI model training data generation by 3X for more accurate product defect recognition.

Watch the Video >


XTI Aircraft

XTI Aircraft uses Rescale to easily access many cloud hardware options, including GPUs for NASA CFD simulation software.

Read the Blog Post >


Hankook Tire

Hankook Tire accelerates proprietary engineering applications with GPUs to create advanced digital twins on Rescale.

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Featured NVIDIA Integrations

The Software for Building Accelerated Production AI on Any Cloud with Rescale

The software layer of the NVIDIA AI platform, NVIDIA AI Enterprise accelerates the data science pipeline and streamlines development and deployment of production AI, including generative AI, computer vision, speech AI, and more.

With more than 50 frameworks, pre-trained models, and development tools, NVIDIA AI Enterprise helps organization move to the leading edge of AI, while also simplifying AI to make it accessible to every enterprise.

Perform AI-Enabled R&D Effortlessly with NVIDIA Modulus on Rescale

NVIDIA Modulus is an open-source framework for building, training, and fine-tuning Physics-ML models with simple Python interface.

Using Modulus, engineers can build high-fidelity AI surrogate models that blend the causality of physics described by governing partial differential equations (PDEs) with simulation data from CAE solvers or observed data.

NVIDIA Modulus can bolster your engineering simulations with AI. You can build models for enterprise scale digital twin applications across multiple physics domains, from CFD to electromagnetics

Deploy Hundreds of AI Models and
GPU-Accelerated Applications for
Science and Engineering on Rescale

From HPC to conversational AI and medical imaging to recommender systems, NVIDIA AI Enterprise and NGC offers ready-to-use containers, pre-trained models, SDKs, and Helm charts for diverse use cases and industries — in one place.

Speed up your application development and power new innovation. Rescale makes it turnkey simple to launch AI Enterprise and NGC on any cloud.

Are You Ready to Get Started?

NVIDIA on Rescale Test Drive

Experience NVIDIA GPU-Accelerated AI and
The High Performance Computing of Rescale

Here’s What You Can Expect from the Test Drive

A Hands-On Experience

Try complete HPC simulation workflows, from infrastructure optimization to application deployment. Bring your own licenses and models for 3P commercial simulation software.

Free, Ready-to-Use Infrastructure

Test and evaluate pre-tuned HPC simulation workflows on ready-to-use infrastructure hosted in the cloud and available for up to two weeks.

Assistance from Rescale Experts

Learn from documented, self-paced tutorials. Talk to a Rescale experts when you need it.

Confident Design and Purchase Decisions

After using the NVIDIA on Rescale Test Drive, you’ll make more confident design and purchase decisions to accelerate your journey.

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