Achieve Unmatched Price-Performance on Cloud HPC with AMD on Rescale

Rescale partners with AMD to offer best-in-class architectures within a fully managed High Performance Computing (HPC) framework. Integrated with the latest deployments of AMD processors, Rescale with AMD allows users to instantly scale out computationally complex simulations leveraging industry leading core-hour price performance.

Key Values with AMD and Rescale

Accelerated Time to Market

Access to virtually limitless resources accelerates product development cycles delivering a competitive edge, removing barriers to entry, and creating first-mover advantage

Enterprise Integration and Collaboration

Accelerate communication. Take advantage of file sharing and track project completion across the enterprise

Optimize Workloads for Cost-Performance Goals

Utilize Resca le as you need it, when you need it. Eliminate the need to manage and refresh hardware deployments, and do so using leading price-performance processors from AMD

Achieve Outstanding Price-Performance for HPC Workloads

After going public, electric vehicle manufacturer Canoo was faced with tighter budgets and stricter production deadlines. To address these new challenges, Canoo teamed up with Rescale, AWS, and AMD. By leveraging Rescale solutions on Amazon EC2 Hpc6a instances, powered by 3rd Gen AMD EPYC™ processors, Canoo was able to address their high-performance computing (HPC) needs more cost-effectively. Download the webinar with Rescale, AWS, and AMD to discover how to achieve exceptional price-performance for compute-intensive HPC workloads.

High Performance Computing in the Cloud: The New Foundation for Computational Engineering

More and more companies within manufacturing, automotive and aerospace verticals are expanding their footprint and moving high performance computing to a cloud-based approach. Running simulations and using complex computational engineering in the cloud rapidly solves a variety of design challenges, scaling with ease and alleviating on-premises queues.

Engineers can focus on the things they care about, without sacrificing resources on complex technological undertakings. Rescale on Azure, featuring AMD EPYC™ processors delivers simplicity with scale and enhanced competitiveness through the enabling of consistent innovation.

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