Control, Optimize, and Secure HPC Operations

Rescale provides a turnkey multi-cloud HPC platform that supports hybrid cloud, delivering instant, scalable access to the latest specialized architectures with policy-based management and automation.

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Intelligent Automation for HPC Operations

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Policy-Based Automation, Governance, and Analytics

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Powerful Tools For Cost and Performance Optimization

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Leading Cloud HPC
Security & Compliance

Deliver R&D Computing as a Service
With HPC & IT Control

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Manage HPC Infrastructure
Like a Business

Rescale is the first cloud platform with end-to-end visibility, control and data-driven intelligence across hybrid-cloud HPC operations.

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Specialized Architecture for Workloads

Use the latest architecture options to maximize cost/performance and throughput with policy-based controls.

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Security & Access Controls

Ensure compliance with best-in-class governance and encryption to maintain security in multi-cloud operations.

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Software & License Management

Manage a broad portfolio of commercial applications, and optimize license use with great flexibility.

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Financial budget Analytics & toolsets

Gain financial visibility into the value and impact of HPC jobs with budgetary controls, monitoring, and alerting.

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Multi-Team Sharing & Collaboration

Enable global and multi-team collaboration with delegated administration, project groups, and file-sharing within your company and partners.

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Efficient, Flexible, and Agile Resource Management

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Run simulation on the best job-specific infrastructure, whether CPU, GPU, memory or interconnect sensitive

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Minimize transfer and solve times by running and visualizing jobs on one cloud-based platform platform

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Empower your engineers with the near-infinite capacity of cloud, and never have them waiting for compute resources

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Hybrid options available to get the best of cloud and make full use of your existing on-prem infrastructure

Specialized HPC Tools, Pre-Installed, and
Customizable for Any Workload

Broad Software Catalog

Instantly deploy 800+ of the top applications for simulation, modeling, and other CAE workloads. Rescale automates applications management from installation and tuning to licensing hosting and version control to reduce delays and maintenance.

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MSC software
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Wide Range of Infrastructure

Equip your teams with the best-fit infrastructure to meet a wide range of compute, memory, networking, and storage needs. Choose from the latest cloud and hybrid hardware options to meet your cost and performance goals

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Cost & Performance
Economics Tool Sets

  • Manage budgets for hardware, software, data transfer, storage, and license proxies by user, group or projects
  • Adjust operating expenditure according to project requirements and cash flow, eliminating job back-ups and idle on-premise resources
  • Get 4x the capability in OpEx over 5 years compared to the equivalent CapEx investment
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Industry-Leading Security & Compliance Standards

  • Securely connect to existing on-premise infrastructure
  • End-to-end encryption further improves data safety and IP protection
  • Independently audited to meet or exceed the standards of ITAR, CSA (Cloud Security Alliance), HIPAA, AICPA and more
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Featured Customer: Nissan

Nissan is a global full-line vehicle manufacturer that sells more than 60 models under the Nissan, INFINITI and Datsun brands. In the fiscal year 2018, the company sold 5.52 million vehicles globally, generating revenue of 11.6 trillion yen. Nissan’s global headquarters in Yokohama, Japan, manages operations in six regions: Asia & Oceania; Africa, the Middle East & India; China; Europe; Latin America; and North America.

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Shifting to an Agile Innovation Model

Nissan chose to shift its technical computing to Rescale to gain an agile, cloud-enabled, platform-based solution on a pay-per-use model to minimize overall cost-per-simulation, gain instantaneous agility, and continuously adopt the latest technology. This allowed Nissan to:
• Allocate the right resources at the right time
• Avoid over-provisioning and wasting resources
• Avoid under-provisioning and creating product development delays

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Challenges with On-premise Computing

Like many enterprises, Nissan realized they were limited by fundamental aspects of on-premise computing, such as: limited electric power, high total cost, and data center utilization challenges (Nissan averaged 40% – 80% utilization). Nissan recognized that these inherent on-premise problems threatened its innovation, market leadership, agility, and time-to-market.

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The Rescale Solution

Rescale’s managed HPC platform converted Nissan’s complex stack of software, hardware, and infrastructure into a single, unified solution that remains agile in the fast-moving technology environment. Nissan’s engineers are able to access the latest technology selection through a single, unified solution and at virtually unlimited scale.

Resources for IT and HPC Managers

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Research Report: The Status and Future of Engineering Design and CAE Technologies

Introduction As consumers continue to demand more complex and reliable products, there is an added need for advanced engineering design and computer-aided engineering (CAE) tools. We surveyed over a hundred designers, engineers, managers, educators and specialists to help us understand how these tools support their work, how organizations are implementing them and what is keeping…
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State of Computational Whitepaper for the Scientific Computing World

Engineering Reaches for the Cloud The use of computational engineering is set for strong growth over the next five years, along with the number of engineering applications using computing – and the use of the cloud is burgeoning. That is the forecast predicted by the recent 2022 State of Computational Engineering Report, recently published by…
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2022 Rescale Platform Data Sheet

Welcome to Modern High Performance Computing Rescale brings intelligent automation to engineering applications, workflows, and infrastructures across hybrid cloud to deliver new levels of performance, control and R&D empowerment. Now, HPC practitioners and business leaders can enable and focus on their specific applications and use cases while Rescale automates bringing the resources to you to…
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