AI Engineering for Computational Science
& Simulation

Rescale makes it fast and easy for research and engineering teams to tap into the power of AI for accelerating scientific discoveries and design breakthroughs.

Conquer the Complexities of AI for Engineering Innovation

Advanced artificial intelligence (AI) technologies such as generative AI, physics-informed neural networks (PINNs), and scientific machine learning offer revolutionary benefits to computational research, digital engineering, and other cutting-edge approaches to innovation.

But these new AI technologies are complicated to deploy and integrate with the rapidly growing array of software and hardware options for high-performance computing. Without a centralized, automated way to manage all these tools and technologies, organizations will struggle to make the most of AI-driven research and design.

Full-Stack AI ToolKit

Flexible and Comprehensive Technologies for AI-Driven R&D

With Rescale, the Power of AI Is Within Reach

Rescale provides a unique management environment for quickly setting up and deploying AI applications and high-performance computing infrastructures for running computationally intensive workloads and solving complex AI physics problems.

Rescale eliminates the complexities of these technologies so your teams can focus on discovery and innovation.

Speed Adoption

With Rescale, it is fast and simple to find and deploy the right software and hardware to support advanced innovation work using AI technologies.

  • Enjoy turnkey software setup from a catalog of 1000+ applications
  • Quickly identify and connect to the best high-performance computing, including GPU acceleration
  • Support any scale on any architecture with a full ecosystem of integrations and APIs

Ensure Governance

Rescale provides an intuitive, centralized management console and baked-in security for your AI projects.

  • Easily control hardware costs and software licensing utilization 
  • Ensure full-stack encryption, authentication, and access with policy-based controls
  • Comply with industry-leading security standards for SOC, ISO, NIST, HIPAA, and others

Boost Collaboration

Eliminate operational silos by seamlessly bringing together researchers, engineers, managers, and IT teams with standardized best practices and workflows.

  • Provide a common pool of software libraries and computing resources shared among individuals and groups
  • Manage the set up and support of disparate teams across departments
  • Share tasks, data, and experiments with any approved user, regardless of location or organization

Trusted by the World’s Leading Innovators

Global businesses, educational institutions, and visionary start-ups rely on Rescale to simplify the management of the high-performance systems that power their computational research and digital engineering innovations.

Customer Case Study

Life Sciences Pioneer Powers Drug Research With AI-Driven Deep Learning

With Rescale, AZothBio accelerated its genome and peptide research from five days to within 24 hours per analysis.

Learn more about how Rescale can remove the complexities of AI-driven research and innovation.

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