Rescale Pricing

Optimize the economics of R&D computing with the best cloud spending model.

Rescale is a Comprehensive Cloud Solution
for High-Performance Computing

Powerful platform to automate and optimize end-to-end IT and R&D workflows

Enhanced infrastructure services with outcome-based SLAs

Full-stack support
across workflows, software, and infrastructure

Rescale Platform Editions

Flexible platform subscriptions designed to support a range R&D use-cases,
IT management, and security & compliance requirements. 


Intuitive HPC Experience
for Engineers

Flexible Job Submission Platform

Run any science and engineering workload via user-friendly GUI, CLI, or API

Specialized Infrastructure
Broad selection of multi-cloud compute, memory, storage, and interconnect

Application Catalog
700+ Pre-Installed Commercial and 
Open Source Software

Engineering Tools
Template presents for workflows & architectural configurations

Virtual Desktops
For interactive R&D workflows

Full-stack Support
Of software and hardware support

Enhanced Cloud
Security & Compliance

Meeting SOC2 Type II, SSL Encryption, CSA, GDPR, & HIPAA


Business Management
for HPC

Everything in Foundation, plus:

Security & Access Controls

Access management & authentication (SSO, IPA, MFA, password policies)

Event & data transfer auditing IP Rules, Firewall

Financial Controls

Budgets with soft or strict controls, Organization, project, and user budgets, Full-stack budget and spending analytics

Software & License Controls
Software and version policies

Architectural Controls
Hardware (coretype) policies

Workflow Control & Automation
Policy-based control for jobs and desktop templates

Multi-BU support with dedicated billing & accounting, data sharing isolation, and admin delegation for financial, software, hardware and users


Rescale Enterprise Capabilities for
Gov-Specific Compliance

Everything in Enterprise, plus:

Hardened Cloud Security & Compliance Standards

Designed for federal agencies, public sector, civilian contractors

Comply with federal and public sector regulatory requirements:

  • NIST 800-53
  • ITAR
  • FedRamp – Moderate
    (In Process)

Enhanced Infrastructure Services

Rescale enhanced infrastructure services combines the latest specialized architectures from leading cloud providers with Rescale’s unique job success guarantee. A range of enhanced infrastructure services helps you balance flexibility, cost savings and time-to-solve objectives.

Choose Your Cloud:

Batch Jobs

On-Demand Priority – Fastest time-to-solve infrastructure that is Rescale-enhanced with job-based SLAs. Jobs guaranteed to launch promptly in 15 minutes or less (SLA 95%) and complete successfully (SLA 99%). 

On-Demand Economy – Combines flexibility and lower cost enabled by CSP excess capacity and Rescale automation. Jobs launch promptly in 15 minutes or less (SLA 95%) and complete successfully (SLA 95%). 

On-Demand Reserved – Reserved capacity for a specific duration discounted for upfront payment and 1-3 year commitments. Jobs launch promptly in 15 minutes or less (SLA 95%) and complete successfully (SLA 99%). 

Cloud Desktops

Pre-configured virtual machines to run visualization workflows and manage results. Guaranteed to launch in 15 minutes or less (SLA 95%) and run successfully (SLA 99%).

High-Performance Storage

High-speed persistent file storage for sharing data across users, clusters, and desktops. Guaranteed to launch in 15 minutes or less (SLA 95%) and run successfully (SLA 99%).

Full-Stack Support

From job setup and implementation to software and hardware configuration, Rescale has you covered so you can focus on discovery.

Onboarding and Implementation

Ensure quick and smooth implementation and adoption of Rescale platform from running your first job to setting up resource management policies.

Ongoing Technical

Solve mission-critical issues for users and administrators with Rescale shared technical resources and subject matter experts.

Dedicated Customer Success

Unlock the most value from your digital R&D investments with dedicated senior engineers with deep industry and workload-specific experience.


Access hourly professional services for HPC consultation, customization, and a range of industry-specific use cases to expand and tailor Rescale platform capabilities.

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