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High performance computing drives the next generation of more sustainable products and processes from building clean energy sources to reducing manufacturing waste, but computing also consumes significant energy resources in the process. Organizations use Rescale to maximize their computing efficiency, reduce their environmental impact, and accelerate their innovation for a greener future.

Companies Driving Sustainable Innovations through HPC on Rescale

Sustainability in High Performance Computing is Now a Reality

Rescale enables engineers, scientists, and researchers tools to harness the latest advancements in computing to control their environmental footprint while solving larger problems and accelerating overall innovation.

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Optimized HPC Infrastructure Creates Less Waste

As hardware options proliferate, a good metric of a company’s sustainability is the utilization rate of their hardware. Many teams of scientists, researchers, and researchers purchased on-premises infrastructure to meet their high performance computing needs only to find out that it goes significantly underutilized due to spiky and irregular usage patterns. By adopting a cloud operating model through Rescale, IT leaders can deliver the best-fit cloud services resources as needed and don’t have to worry about wasting power (or budget!) when left idle. Additionally, major cloud providers are able to operate more efficiently (11% greater) than typical on-premises deployments due to their larger scale and more efficient power and cooling, the two largest culprits of energy waste.

Latest HPC Architectures Perform More Efficiently

In the same way cars and household appliances have improved drastically in terms of energy efficiency, so have compute architectures. Aside from facilities infrastructure, new chips are increasingly more performant and becoming more specialized to output better performance for the same amount of power input. As Moore’s law has been used to chart the rapid growth of performance and cost over time, many in the industry look to metrics like performance per watt, especially as global energy costs – both financial and environmental outpace the cost of the hardware. Rescale benchmarks the latest architectures available to customers and continues to see performance improvements each quarter.

Cleaner Energy Sources Reduce Carbon Footprint

Today, data center computing generates 2% of greenhouse gas emissions worldwide, comparable with the airline industry, and demand for computing in complex and data-hungry applications is accelerating it. However the shift to renewable sources of power is only in early stages. While hyperscale cloud providers like AWS, Google, Azure, and Oracle are setting goals and making strides to increase the efficiency in their operations, the industry needs new innovations in power delivery to ensure organizations have access to highly available and cost-effective sustainable computing. Rescale is working with partners who specialize in providing publicly available computing that is 100% powered by renewable sources.

Computational Engineering Drives Green Innovation

The road to sustainable technologies is paved with complex challenges that will require new computational capabilities to solve. As scientists, engineers, and researchers explore broader design spaces and multi-physics simulations, high performance computing and artificial intelligence will play a prominent role in R&D. From automotive electrification to compact nuclear and fusion energy production, computational engineering practitioners are developing the next generation of cleaner and safer products. Rescale is in service to empowering anyone to make new discoveries and accelerate innovations by making computation simple and more efficient.

Performance Intelligence that Optimizes for Sustainability

Rescale factors four key metrics into recommendations for users to select the best-fit architectures, including indicators for infrastructure powered by sustainable power sources.

Sustainable Solutions from Responsible Compute

Rescale has partnered with Responsible Compute, a joint venture by Nordic IT solutions provider Origo and Borealis Data Center, leaders in sustainable data centers. The venture provides HPC infrastructure operating in the Borealis Data Center in northern Iceland running on 100% renewable energy and environmentally-friendly free cooling. Responsible Compute focuses on providing carbon-free solutions along with market-leading emissions reporting and world-class performance. World-class engineering teams have already begun to run critical R&D workloads on this renewable computing infrastructure as they aim to reduce their carbon footprint, evaluate their emissions evolution and take appropriate steps to further their journey towards carbon neutrality. Read the press release.

How to Reduce Your Computing Carbon Footprint on Rescale

Organizations can now take control of their environmental impact by selecting carbon neutral hardware on Rescale. By selecting Rescale Sustainable Coretypes like Basalt powered by the Responsible Compute data center, HPC practitioners can ensure their workloads are optimized for sustainability. As companies expand their Environmental, Social, and Governance practices, Rescale can help by providing the architectural controls and policies to scale and standardize responsible computing practices.

Sustainable Computing Resources for R&D professionals

Energy Reality: Soaring Costs, Scarcity, and Sustainability

Geopolitical turmoil, dramatically higher energy costs, and renewed emphasis on sustainability are throwing every aspect of business operations into sharp relief. For companies running compute-intensive workloads such as simulations, the energy demands of data centers are under increasing scrutiny. Can high-performance computing contribute to a greener world?

Four Strategies Towards Sustainable Computing

Rescale serves some of the largest engineering-driven companies in the world, with our cloud-based platform for computational science & engineering. This gives us a unique vantage point on sustainability. Our customers are creating everything from new electric personal aerial transport to commercial nuclear fusion power reactors. We are proud to be powering an engineering renaissance…

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