Digital Engineering

Digital Transformation

Powerful HPC+AI automations, interactive simulation workflows, and seamless collaboration to digitally transform R&D processes. Adopt the latest use cases and connect systems of analysis in a user-centric experience for greater R&D productivity. Enable globally distributed teams and supply chain collaborators to share project files and visualize product insights throughout the digital thread in real-time. Fast track new product innovations with AI-enhanced simulation and automated computational pipelines.

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Real-time Collaboration
& Data Sharing

Collaborate and share data seamlessly and securely with Rescale Workspaces. Using templates, users can pre-define configurations for consistent best practices and onboard new users quickly, reducing errors and saving time. Job sharing unifies silos of analysis across the organization, so users can view simulation history and leave comments for collaborators.


Powerful Desktop Experience,
at Cloud Scale

Enable engineers and scientists to take full advantage of the cloud to accelerate any end-to-end workflow. Perform pre-processing, solving, and post-processing, in the experience of a high-powered physical desktop. Automate DaaS and VDI resources with templates to run workloads remotely, efficiently, and securely. Launch in minutes to remotely access applications and files to collaborate on large-scale, multi-node simulations and visualizations in real-time.

Elastic cloud workstation


Gateway to Modern
AI-driven R&D

Accelerate R&D discovery and new product development by integrating the latest AI/ML capabilities. Explore larger design spaces and increasing complexity of data and computing requirements to bring new innovations to market faster. Leverage Rescale’s AI-enhanced workload optimization and automated computational pipelines to efficiently train and validate ML models. Empower engineers with the latest technologies for digital twins, physics-informed neural networks, and generative design.


Open Platform for
Connected Innovation

Rescale is open and extensible to unify workflows, build any custom environments, and seamlessly integrate thousands of tools for R&D. Enable a digital-thread approach by integrating existing platforms including product life cycle management (PLM), and connect to your data wherever it lives including data warehouses/lakes or network file systems. Rescale Compass Services are available to help you connect your systems of insight and accelerate workflows on Rescale.

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Workstations Update


End-to-End Workflow &
Pipeline Automation

Accelerate complex, multi-stage workflows and computational pipelines with event-driven automations. Rescale’s Job Lifecycle Automation enables R&D users to orchestrate workflows programmatically, with fine-grained controls to optimize jobs for parallel execution and license utilization. Bi-directional file system integration automates uploading and downloading of input and output files and Workflow Builder to connect a chain of jobs.

Customer spotlight

Exponent Expands HPC Capabilities With Rescale to Drive the Future Of Computational Engineering

Exponent provides a wide variety of engineering and scientific consulting services to the world’s largest innovators. With growth in the number of clients, projects, and consultants requiring HPC, Exponent selected Rescale to provide a scalable and easy-to-uses solution to drive project efficiency and improve client results. With the use of Rescale Exponent was able to achieve:

  • 10x acceleration of engineering computing solve speeds
  • 10x increase in simulation fidelity to meet growing job complexity

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