Modern Digital R&D Workflows on Powerful Cloud Workstations

Rescale Elastic Cloud Workstation allows engineers and scientists to take full advantage of the cloud to accelerate any end-to-end workflow. Run CAD, pre-processing, solving, and post-processing, in the experience of a high-powered physical desktop. Automate DaaS and VDI resources to accelerate HPC workloads remotely, efficiently, and securely.

Elastic Virtual Desktops to Innovate from Anywhere

Empower global teams with the latest tools in an intuitive desktop experience. Simplify virtual infrastructure deployments with automation to manage and deliver self-service computing for daily high performance computing needs.

Accelerated End-to-End
HPC Workflows
Secure Virtual Infrastructure,
With Desktop Simplicity
Powerful Custom Workstations,
Available On-Demand

Unify and Accelerate Your Digital R&D Lifecycle

Streamline R&D workflows on one flexible platform that connects collaborators to mission-critical applications, data, and infrastructure. Perform multi-physics simulations and render visualizations right from the browser.

Powerful Desktop Experience at Cloud Scale

Maximize science and engineering productivity with intuitive virtual machines for desktop and scale-out computing. Leverage powerful workflow automations and full-stack support for accelerated applications and infrastructure.

Any Interactive and Visual Workflow

Pre-process, solve, and post-process simulations from a rich, web-based GUI.

Remote Access & Real-Time Collaboration

Launch in minutes from anywhere, and share results live with colleagues

Broad Software and Hardware, On-Demand

Flexibly access the latest applications and architectures, pre-tuned for performance and efficiency.

IT Automation for Security and Efficiency

Deploy fault-tolerant virtual infrastructure with full-stack control of security, performance, and cost policies.


Powering Global Energy Engineering

TechnipFMC is a global leader in energy projects, technologies, systems and services across subsea and surface projects. They use Workstations to interactively solve complex CFD physics problems and visualize the safety and performance of client projects.

“We now have the ability to run a variety of pre-processing, solving, and post-processing routines interactively in a user-friendly, integrated, and cloud-based experience on Rescale. With cloud HPC in our engineering toolbox, when COVID-19 struck we were able to maintain business continuity and project performance as normal, ensuring the success of our global operations from R&D to engineering and installation.”

– Olivier Mustiere, Group VP of Engineering, TechnipFMC

Data Sheet

Elastic Cloud Workstation Product Data Sheet

  • Flexible and Unified Computing for Engineers, Scientists, and Researchers
  • Secure and Scalable Virtual Infrastructure for IT/HPC Leaders

Workstations That Can Do the Work

Rescale Elastic Cloud Workstation’s unique capabilities take full advantage of the cloud to perform even the most advanced and demanding workloads.

FeatureRescaleOther Managed VDI Solutions
Suspension (or similar)
GPU Support
Windows & Linux OS
On-Demand Hardware Pricing
Bring Your Own Software License
On-Demand Software Licensing
Software Lifecycle Automation
Integration with Rescale Storage (Jobs, Files, HPS)

Get Started Today

Launching Workstations is fast and flexible, with controls to configure multiple Workstations based on application needs. Get started in the ‘Workstations’ tab, learn more from a tutorial in Documentation, or request a guided demo.