Reduce Environmental Footprint and Cost of Your Computational Workloads With arm® on Rescale

arm processors boast high performance per watt, minimizing carbon footprint, while innovative cloud providers offer cost-effective arm-based compute infrastructure. Rescale’s AI Compute Recommendation Engine efficiently forms optimized arm clusters with dynamic pricing and availability adjustments. Users can run workloads on AWS Graviton3, Google Cloud Tau T2A, Microsoft Azure Dpsv5, and NVIDIA GH200 Grace Hopper. Rescale actively integrates and benchmarks simulation software for aarch64 compatibility.


Key Values With arm and Rescale

Achieve Unprecedented Throughput with Rescale HTC on arm Architectures

Rescale’s HTC solution provides optimized full-stack workload performance, enhancing throughput, economy, and reliability in a multi-cloud environment. Proven to handle nearly half a million vCPUs across two providers and 12 regions within minutes, Rescale HTC achieved over 50 million core hours on arm Architecture instances with 99.99% job reliability.

Applications span semiconductor verification, drug discovery, computer-aided engineering, deep learning, image processing, molecular dynamics, computational chemistry, computer vision, synthetic data generation, AI data processing, and signal processing systems.

arm Uses Rescale HTC For Chip Design Workloads

Rescale’s platform leverages arm-powered cloud computing for on-demand Electronic Design Automation workflows, ensuring efficient, sustainable, and always-available compute resources. Rescale HTC streamlines arm’s design and verification processes, handling the complexity of running hundreds of thousands of simulation test cases for each CPU and GPU design iteration.

Rescale Runs On arm

Not only do Rescale customers take advantage of the benefits provided by the arm based chipsets, most of Rescale’s control plane services run on arm based compute. This allows us to optimize our cost and performance goals while providing best-in-class experience for our end-users.

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Try Rescale HTC for High Throughput Processing at Unprecedented Scale

Learn more on how to confidently perform massive-scale computational studies with rapid scaling, high efficiency, and best-in-class security across clouds and architectures.

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