HPC as a Service

Cloud Automation for Secure, Turnkey HPC+AI

Accelerate engineering velocity with scalable computing and SaaS-like ease. Deploy advanced engineering and scientific computing with turnkey simplicity and government-grade security. Enjoy on-demand access to the latest specialized software, enhanced infrastructure, and pre-built automations for anyone to get started today.

Intelligent Batch

Fully managed & supported software & hardware services with guaranteed job success

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Elastic Cloud Workstation

Powerful virtual desktop for rendering, visualization, and pre/post-processing

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Storage Fabric

File aggregation, organization, and backup across storage services

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Cloud Automation with Guaranteed Success

Perform any compute-intensive workload at cloud scale with end-to-end automation, job completion assurance, and no coding required. Get started quickly with thousands of pre-installed engineering and scientific R&D applications and versions. Simply upload your input files, choose your preferred hardware, and let us automate the rest. Power users can take advantage of custom scripts, pre-built automations for design of experiments and high throughput workloads.

Elastic Cloud Workstation

Powerful Desktop Experience,
at Cloud Scale

Empower engineers and scientists to take full advantage of the cloud to accelerate end-to-end workflows. Perform pre-processing, solving, and post-processing as if you were on a high-powered physical desktop. Automate DaaS and VDI resources with templates to run workloads remotely, efficiently, and securely. Launch in minutes to remotely access applications and files to collaborate on large-scale, multi-node simulations and visualizations in real time.

Storage fabric

Unify and Share
Data Across Sources

Connect disparate data sources to provide uniform access to internal teams and value chain partners. From simulation input/output files to open-source data sets for model training, engineers and scientists can synchronize and organize project files seamlessly.

Customer spotlight

Cloud HPC Simulation Enables Boom’s Supersonic Passenger Jet to Take Off

Boom Supersonic is an aerospace startup that is designing a supersonic passenger jet that will take business travelers from San Francisco to Tokyo in 5.5 hours, revolutionizing business travel and revitalizing a long-stagnant industry. By doing all their aerospace simulation in the cloud with Rescale, Boom was able to:

  • 6x acceleration in solve time
  • Simulate 100+ designs simultaneously
  • Reduce IT overhead by 100%

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