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From concept through to manufacturing, the highly competitive consumer products field, requires a fast, scalable and agile design environment to innovate and rapidly turnaround new simulations and designs. High performance computing hardware and advanced software on Rescale is used for simulations ranging from bicycle frame integrity, tennis shoe fatigue, vortices around spinning soccer balls and smartphone drops.

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Leading Manufacturing Companies Benefit From Rescale

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Secure Workflows

With end-to-end encryption and the latest certifications, Rescale offers a secure environment for your data.

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Advanced File Management

Rescale’s ScaleX platform has comprehensive file management capabilities built-in for efficient and secure data transfer, version management.

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Full HPC Management

Rescale’s ScaleX Enterprise offers full management oversight and control of HPC resources, teams and budgets.

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Featured Customer: Trek Bicycle

For leading bicycle designer, Trek, the mission has always been simple: build the best bikes in the world. For complex coupled analyses, Trek turns to Rescale to:

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Cost Savings

Run coupled, complex Star-CCM+ / HEEDS optimization analyses leveraging existing software licenses for reduced cost

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Reduction in Simulation Time

Significantly reduce simulation runtime by using the latest HPC resources available in Rescale’s 30+ advanced, global data centers

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Fully explore the experiment design space to make informed decisions about drafting techniques related to competitive bicycling

HPC Resources for Manufacturing Professionals

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Boundary Layer Technologies Case Study

Disrupting the Cargo Industry Boundary Layer Technologies is a category-defining company. They design small hydrofoil cargo ships posed to disrupt the transportation industry. Currently, the only options for intercontinental shipping are air and traditional cargo ships. Air is quick but very expensive; whereas, ships are cheaper but significantly slower, up to ten times slower. There…
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Zeleros Hyperloop Customer Case Study with Featured Partner AWS

Executive Summary Zeleros, a startup developing an innovative hyperloop system to revolutionize ground travel, optimized the quality and efficiency of its simulations with high performance computing (HPC) on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Migrating HPC workloads to AWS bolstered Zeleros’ capabilities, while the Rescale platform for HPC automation further optimized the company’s performance and productivity. The…