Accelerating HPC with Intel on Rescale

Rescale partners with Intel to provide the industry-leading turnkey, secure, cloud-based artificial intelligence (AI) and high performance computing (HPC) simulation platform for research & development (R&D). Integrated with the latest Intel software and hardware technologies, Rescale with Intel allows users to instantly scale out computationally complex and AI-powered simulations and analytics.

A User-Centric Solution for Accelerated R&D

Long queue and solve times quickly became a barrier to productivity, so the team began to search for a cloud-based solution that they could quickly implement. Being focused on advanced research and development, Amogy needed access to state-of-the-art computing infrastructure and operations that do not require extensive IT support. After evaluating different cloud HPC options, Amogy selected Rescale as a complete HPC-as-a-Service solution with the best overall user experience.

Delivering In-Space Mobility Requires Astronomical Compute Power

By using Rescale’s HPC automation platform, Benchmark Engineers reduced simulation times from eight hours to one hour, freeing them up to find new ways to grow their offerings and the business. The Rescale HPC automation platform offered a turnkey solution that enabled Benchmark’s team to get the best performance, cost, and configuration out of its cloud environment.

Firefly Going to the Moon by Way of the Cloud

Firefly Aerospace, a start-up based in the suburbs of Austin, Texas, is building a rocket to fly to the moon. Firefly is an example of how the ubiquitous availability of high-performance computing through the internet has unleashed a global wave of creativity. Building complex physical systems like semiconductors or sub- marines requires intensive computer simulations before commit- ting money to bending steel for a prototype, let alone putting space- craft into production. Those simulations require vast computations that were previously done on supercomputers available only to governments or the most well-heeled corporations but is now available to Firely through Rescale’s HPC platform.

Expanding Ecosystem of Intel Accelerated Applications On Rescale

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