Energy Optimization
in Cloud Computing

Rescale offers big compute and deep learning solutions for the toughest problems in oil and gas discovery and renewable energy production.

Leading Energy Companies Benefit From Rescale

Accelerated Development

Multiphysics simulation is a key part of modern product development Accelerate innovation and time to market with Rescale.

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Secure Workflows

With end-to-end encryption and the latest certifications, Rescale offers a secure environment for your data.

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Cloud Desktops

Via a standard internet connection, Rescale’s customers can remotely access their 2D/3D desktop applications and interactively visualize their simulation results.

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Featured Company: Sensatek

Sensatek Propulsion Technology, situated on the Space Coast – the aerospace hub of Florida, delivers cutting-edge turbine sensor technology to customers in record time. In the recent wave of innovation among aerospace companies, operational speed and agility are critical factors of competitiveness. Sensatek needed a way to accelerate their product development, control costs, and keep engineers focused on critical product milestones. By partnering with Rescale, Sensatek was able to quickly launch their multiple workloads and scale-up across the latest and best-fit cloud HPC resources.

Performance & Efficiency

The latest, best-fit hardware and continuous cost-performance optimization

Control at Scale

Complete IT/HPC controls simplify operations and manage cost & security risks

Empowered R&D

Store 20+TB of simulation data in Rescale’s sec
Turnkey R&D compute tools to accelerate productivity