High Performance Computing for Energy Sector Efficiency

Rescale offers big compute and AI/ML solutions for the toughest problems in oil and gas discovery and renewable energy production.

Leading Energy Companies Benefit From Rescale

Accelerated Development

Multiphysics simulation is a key part of modern product development. Accelerate innovation and time to market with Rescale.

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Secure Workflows

With end-to-end encryption and the latest certifications, Rescale offers a secure environment for your data.

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Cloud Desktops

Via a standard internet connection, Rescale’s customers can remotely access their 2D/3D desktop applications and interactively visualize their simulation results.

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Rescale Gives You Turnkey Access to the Latest Technologies on Demand

Featured Company: NOV

NOV is a global leader in oil and gas and renewable energy, and uses advanced computer-aided engineering (CAE) simulation to design and test new technology pumps, regulators, and drill heads. Engineering and IT teams decided to pursue a global cloud HPC strategy managed on Rescale that alleviated resource constraints and unlocked new capabilities in oil and gas and renewables R&D to bring new products to market faster.

Optimization & Efficiency

100% software license utilization and optimization of licencing costs

Reduction in Deployment Time

 95% reduction in cloud HPC deployment time

Cost Savings

80%+ decrease in upfront HPC costs and reduced overall operational costs

HPC Resources for Energy Professionals

Rescale Solutions for Energy Oil & Gas

Powering Engineering Breakthroughs to Meet Growing Global Energy Demands Energy companies from oil & gas and renewables to producers and utilities depend on new computational tools to meet growing efficiency and safety requirements. High performance computing (HPC) was traditionally managed on-premises but the rapid growth in energy complexity combined with new technologies available in the…

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