Rescale announces Metadata Management to help engineering teams surface new insights

Engineering KNowledge Management

Shared Context for
Accelerated Innovation

Harness the explosion of engineering and scientific simulation, modeling, and AI data to make higher-quality product decisions faster. Capture and share insights, collaborate directly on simulation models and trace decisions for a streamlined product development process.

Metadata Management

Capture Valuable
Simulation Insights

Rescale Metadata Management delivers a seamless, flexible and automatic framework for engineering knowledge management so that enterprise simulation data is highly leveraged for collaborative product design, traceable decisions and policy driven governance.

Storage Fabric

Unify and Share Data Across 
Storage Technologies

Connect disparate data sources to provide uniform data access to teams and value chain partners. From simulation input/output files to open-source data sets for model training, engineers and scientists can synchronize and organize project files seamlessly.

Ecosystem Connectors

Connected R&D
Data Platform

Connect to your data wherever it lives including object storage, data warehouses/lakes or network file systems. Enable a digital-thread approach by integrating leading data platforms including product and simulation life cycle management (PLM/SPDM).

Digital Engineering COLLABORATION

Connected Simulation Collaboration and
Data Sharing

Connect distributed teams and value-chain partners to collaborate on modern product R&D. Unify silos of analysis across the organization with shared access and context on computing and data resources. Improve data quality and process efficiency in complex multidisciplinary projects by collaborating directly on product models.

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