Lead Digital Transformation for R&D

Accelerate innovation through automation and AI technologies; Enable new ways of work and collaboration with cloud transformation.

Produce Better Products Faster

Engineering simulation is key to developing cutting-edge products. Investments in flexible, scalable, and automated High-Performance Computing (HPC) remove bottlenecks to innovation and enable R&D teams to make better products faster.

  • Shortening research development and testing improves time to market and ensures projects complete on time
  • Flexible computational resources, high resolution simulations, ideal optimization runs, and full exploration of the design space
  • Freedom to simulate reduces manufacturing time and complexity

Increase Business Agility

Great business leaders know, preparing for the unexpected often positions the greatest competitive advantages. Freedom from high capex, outdated resources and flexible, scalable systems position teams to innovate no matter what the future holds.

  • Continuously improved state of the art infrastructure
  • Natively multicloud
  • Built in disaster recovery and fault tolerance
  • Flexible resources meet any scale, at any time

Enable a Distributed Workforce

Operating globally and working with the best talent on earth, innovative leaders focus on empowering their Science and Engineering teams to collaborate and innovate no matter what. Infrastructure should be accessible, flexible, and powerful, no matter where your team is.

  • Provision instant remote access to the latest hardware & software
  • Share and collaborate seamlessly on a central HPC platform
  • Seamlessly pivot, transition and ramp cloud providers
  • Get support from simulation experts, not just hardware teams, regardless of location

Optimize Product Lifecycle Costs

Driving a profitable business is the ultimate responsibility of every executive. Empowering R&D teams with the right resources can dramatically reduce manufacturing, warranty, and prototyping costs.

  • Deeper more thorough simulation reduces warranty cost
  • Simulated manufacturing environments find cost savings
  • Simulation scaling allows 100% utilization of compute reducing overall simulation cost
  • Total simulation economics optimizes software and hardware for the best cost/performance possible based on business outcomes

Cloud Computing Resources for Executives

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