HPC Solutions
for Higher Education

Academic institutions often experience internal queuing and limited or legacy compute resources that are not optimized to handle engineering and scientific simulation workloads. Through Rescale, researchers, students, and professors have access to the very latest computing technology on-demand. Flexible pricing tiers and the ability to use existing software licenses provides academic institutions with a highly capable and flexible cloud simulation platform.

Leading Cloud Computing Higher Education Organizations Benefit From Rescale

Accelerated Development

Multiphysics simulation is a key part of modern product development Accelerate innovation and time to market with Rescale.

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Secure Workflows

With end-to-end encryption and the latest certifications, Rescale offers a secure environment for your data.

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Cloud Desktops

Via a standard internet connection, Rescale’s customers can remotely access their 2D/3D desktop applications and interactively visualize their simulation results.

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Featured Cloud Computing Higher Education Customer: Delft University

The team from Delft University in The Netherlands has been competing for over 10 years in the Formula Student Competition, and, in 2014, placed 1st in the Overall Class 1 Division. They use the ScaleX Pro platform to significantly improve racecar design decisions, as well as:

Reduced Simulation Time

Achieve 6x reduction in turnaround time by taking simulations that used to run for 24+ hours and reducing them down to less than 4 hours


Run multiple jobs in parallel without having to wait in lengthy queues that they were experiencing internally


Optimize simulation configurations during the final design stages by running custom HPC hardware