ScaleX® on AWS

Rescale partners with Amazon Web Services to provide the industry-leading SaaS, secure, cloud-based high performance computing (HPC) simulation platform. Integrated with all AWS region data centers and over 700+ HPC applications ported and tuned, Rescale on AWS allows users to instantly scale out computationally complex simulations and analytics.

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With virtually limitless HPC compute resources on AWS, you can now take advantage of the scale and flexibility that the cloud brings to organizations of all sizes. AWS can help you and your team to introduce new, high-quality products to market, while controlling costs within compressed development times.

  • Rescale integrates with AWS availability zones worldwide
  • Accelerated deployment of HPC workloads in hybrid and full-cloud modes
  • Rescale and AWS provide customers a turnkey HPC solution with virtually limitless scale and flexibility

How We Do It

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Rescale’s ScaleX® Enterprise platform delivers:

  • 700+ HPC applications pre-installed, tuned, and optimized to run on AWS infrastructure as well as a customer’s on-premise environment
  • Access to all hardware and software configurations through purpose-built HPC workflows
  • Comprehensive administrative portal with intelligent policy-based management for HPC users, groups, and projects
  • Best-in-class security including ITAR, SOC2, CSA, ISO 27001 & 27017

Key Values

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Accelerated Time to Market

Access to virtually limitless resources accelerates the product development cycles resulting in competitive edge, the barrier to entry, and first-mover advantage.

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Simplified Management of Your HPC

Limitless resources doesn’t mean limitless cost. IT Administrators have single pane of glass to intelligently manage all your HP users, groups, projects, resources.

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Lower Product Development Costs

Only utilize the cloud when you need it. Eliminate the need to manage complex capital expenditure budgets for massive on-site system procurements.

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Benefits of Using AWS

AWS Regions

  • Global infrastructure: Rescale integrates with data centers in every AWS region
  • Hardware variety: Rescale supports all AWS HPC infrastructure including high-throughput networks with placement groups and GPUs
  • Account management: Rescale integrates with your existing Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)

Web-Based SaaS Interface

  • Engineering oriented: Rescale helps customers shift from complex on-premise workflows to an easy-to-use web-based engineering SaaS workflow
  • Workflow variety: Rescale supports all types of workflows including multidisciplinary exploration, optimizations, design of experiments, and more
  • Turn-key: Rescale allows the user to quickly choose the best hardware and software for their business needs in one easy-to-use interface

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