Semiconductor, EDA & Electronics Simulation

Engineers are utilizing big compute on Rescale to develop the very hardware and systems that power the cloud. From IC and PCB design and analysis, to interconnect, cooling equipment and power storage. With natively integrated DOE and optimization tools, electrical engineers can route multi-layer boards, design complex systems on chip (SOCs), run complex thermal analyses, ensure power delivery, or minimize emissions, EMC noise margins and crosstalk.

Leading Semiconductor Companies Benefit From Rescale

Latest Hardware Technology

Public cloud providers constantly update their hardware and provide access to the latest CPU, GPU and interconnect technology suitable for HPC applications.

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Remote Visualization

Rescale’s platform has advanced post-processing and visualization capabilities in the cloud, so that data transfer can be minimized.

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Cloud Desktops

Via a standard internet connection, Rescale’s customers can remotely access their 2D/3D desktop applications and interactively visualize their simulation results.

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Semiconductors in Simulation

An enterprise company in the technology space works with Rescale to help optimize and improve the time to market on communications equipment. With the flexibility to scale both hardware and software at any time in the design cycle, electrical engineers are able to:

Access to Software

Quickly access both open source and commercial software tools through one platform

Reduce Expenses

Reduce capital and operating expenses by 30% over a 1-year period

Share Simulations

Share simulations with colleagues and simultaneously clone jobs to make fast design iterations

HPC Resources for Electronics Professionals

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