platform overview

Full-stack Cloud HPC Platform for Modern R&D and IT Control

Rescale is high performance computing built for the cloud to empower engineers with end-to-end security & unified IT business management. Take full advantage of the latest technologies for computational science and engineering with full-stack automation to accelerate time to discovery and optimize performance and efficiency.

Complete Platform for Compute-Empowered Innovation

Accelerate engineering projects by up to 20x and reduce upfront HPC costs by 80%

HPC as a Service

Full-stack cloud platform for engineering and scientific computing with IT management automation. Deploy advanced HPC, CAE, and AI workloads with SaaS-like turnkey simplicity. Rescale’s cloud-based control plane orchestrates any HPC or AI application on any hybrid-cloud infrastructure with enhanced security. Accelerate product innovation with greater engineering agility, increased resource efficiency, and reduced IT risk. On-demand access to the latest specialized software, hardware, and middleware for anyone to get started today.

IT Business Management

Unified visibility and control across user and team-level budgets and performance. Orchestrate commercial, open-source, and custom applications on hybrid, multi-cloud architectures with optimized efficiency. Rescale’s unique workload-aware intelligent automation ensures users access specific software, licensing, and hardware consistent with project needs and IT policy. Empower teams with templates and delegated administration to meet timeline and cost requirements, with strict industry security and compliance.

Increase application performance more than 100x, reduce cost per job, and ensure 100% licensing utilization

Accelerate prototype validation by 4x and time to market by 2x

Digital Engineering

Powerful HPC+AI automations, interactive R&D workflows, and seamless collaboration. Adopt the latest use cases and connect systems of analysis in a user-centric experience for greater R&D productivity. Enable globally distributed teams and supply chain collaborators to share project files and visualize product insights throughout the digital thread in real-time. Fast track new product innovations through AI-enhanced simulation and automated computational pipelines.

Customer spotlight

DENSO Accelerates Simulation & Streamlines Industrial Product Manufacturing

DENSO was immediately surprised at the ease of use of Rescale for COMSOL multiphysics calculations, which can be run with just a few clicks. The amount and cost of computing resources can be controlled according to simulation usage. Recale allowed DENSO to build its ideal simulation environment, which is needed for various use cases. With the use of Rescale DENSO was able to:

  • Reduce costs of prototyping and simulation
  • Reduce simulation time by 75%
  • Reduce product development time by 50%

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