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AI Physics Powered by NVIDIA

Supercharge Simulation
with AI Physics to
Accelerate Breakthroughs

AI Physics enhances traditional simulation methods with specialized machine learning algorithms to dramatically accelerate engineering and scientific discovery. Innovation-driven enterprises use physics-based AI to discover new insights from data and develop products faster. On Rescale, R&D teams have flexibility to harness cutting-edge AI models, tools, and hardware to solve complex problems with new levels of computing speed and efficiency.

Turnkey AI Platform Built for Enterprise R&D

Unlock applied AI for design exploration, optimization, and digital twins while integrating existing simulation methods. AI model development on Rescale harnesses existing and new simulation data to deploy custom models that deliver rapid predictions in milliseconds with 99%+ accuracy.


Generate large-scale multi-physics training data sets from 1000+ integrated CAE simulation applications.


Train, fine-tune, and deploy custom AI models using new or existing synthetic simulation and real-world test data.


Perform rapid AI inference with instant prediction or evaluate thousands of designs with speed and efficiency.

R&D Use Cases

Cutting-Edge Workflows for Engineering, Science, and Research

  • Product design exploration and optimization
  • Digital twins of smart factories and hardware-in-the-loop
  • Drug discovery and personalized medicine design
  • Surrogate models and physics-informed neural networks

Full-Stack AI ToolKit

Flexible and Comprehensive Technologies for AI-Driven R&D

  • Modular AI Developer Tools and Pre-Built Workflow Automations
  • Broad AI Application and Pre-Trained Model Catalog
  • Accelerated Hardware for Workload Optimization\

measurable business impact

Drive Results with Applied-AI for Modern R&D Teams

  • 10,000X+ Accelerated Results for Design Evaluation
  • 99%+ Accuracy Compared to Traditional CFD Simulation
  • 85% Improvement in Computing Resource Efficiency

Customer spotlight

General Motors Motorsports Accelerates Aerodynamics Optimization with AI Physics

GM Motorsports is pioneering new AI-accelerated aerodynamics optimization to dramatically reduce R&D cycle time and lap times on the track. In vehicle platform development for the Formula One racing series, where milliseconds matter, Andretti Cadillac and GM Motorsports engineers leverage AI Physics on Rescale powered by NVIDIA to optimize every aspect of chassis aerodynamics. By automating physics-based AI predictions on Rescale with the latest technologies from NVIDIA, Microsoft Azure, and NAVASTO, GM Motorsports accelerates R&D decision-making with greater performance and efficiency.

AI Physics Package

Expand your R&D capabilities on Rescale with the latest AI engineering and scientific computing tools

Rescale EnterpriseRescale AI Physics
Open Source Software TensorFlow, PyTorch, Caffe, Jupyter Notebooks, etc.
GPU SupportAccelerated computing with high-performance GPUs for intensive AI tasks
API AccessProgrammable platform integration and workflow automation
Commercial AI SoftwareNAVASTO, PhysicsX, Neural Concept, Monolith AI (Requires additional license to purchase)
Data LabelingComprehensive data labeling for simulation training data
NVIDIA AI Enterprise50+ frameworks, pre-trained models, and development tools. Modulus, TAO, Merlin, NeMo, RAPIDS, and more
AI Workflow TemplatesPre-built AI training templates and automated workflow for model training and validation
AI Application & Model CatalogAbility to publish custom-trained models for you and your team
AI Model PublishingAbility to publish custom trained models for you and your team

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Aerodynamics optimization of Le Mans Hypercar enhanced with AI prediction achieves 1000x faster results compared to traditional CFD design optimization