Cloud Computing
for Life Science Discoveries

3 of the Top 6 Life Science Companies Use Rescale

Genomics analysis, drug discovery, medical devices, and many other life science applications require higher performance computing. Leveraging Rescale’s cloud platform and its advanced collaboration and data transfer tools, scientists can access the virtually unlimited resources required to perform advanced simulations.

Leading Cloud Computing Life Sciences Companies Benefit From Rescale

Accelerated Development

Multiphysics simulation is a key part of modern product development Accelerate innovation and time to market with Rescale.

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Secure Workflows

With end-to-end encryption and the latest certifications, Rescale offers a secure environment for your data.

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Full HPC Management

Rescale’s ScaleX Enterprise offers full management oversight and control of HPC resources, teams and budgets.

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Featured Cloud Computing Life Sciences Customer: University of Kansas

Researchers of biotechnology at the University of Kansas with a focus on nanofluidics requires large computational resources to handle the massive amount of data needed for his nanowetting analyses. Using the open-source molecular dynamics software LAAMPS, researchers were able to:

Reduce Runtime

Drastically reduce runtime from 4 days down to less than 12 hours


Receive quick technical support for simulation setup from Rescale’s anchor-expert technical team


Customize HPC resources to his specific molecular simulation needs

Resources for Cloud Computing Life Sciences Professionals

Life Sciences Data Sheet

Accelerate Life Science Breathroughs Life Science researchers and scientists across disciplines such as pharmacology, genomics, and medical devices are applying high performance computing (HPC) in their R&D, taking advantages of new cloud infrastructures for their simulations and complexity of navigating discovery, production, and approval processes has pushed fixed HPC infrastructure to its limits. Industry-leading companies…

Accelerating Life Science Breakthroughs

Accelerating Life Science Breakthroughs Life Science leaders applying high performance computing (HPC) to their R&D pipelines, are exploiting theadvantages of new cloud infrastructures for their simulations. The urgency and complexity of navigatingdiscovery, production, and approval processes has pushed fixed HPC infrastructure to its limits. Now leading companies are looking for new ways to enhance their…