EDEM Now Available on Rescale’s Cloud Simulation Platform

San Francisco, CA – Rescale and EDEM are pleased to announce the availability of EDEM software on Rescale’s simulation platform through collaboration with EDEM, the Discrete Element Method (DEM) specialist and market leader.
EDEM is high-performance software for bulk material simulation. EDEM simulation and analysis enable engineers to solve complex problems in the design, prototyping, and optimization of equipment that handles and processes bulk solid materials such as coal, ores, soils and tablets –across a wide range of industry sectors.
EDEM users can now run their simulations on Rescale’s on-demand, HPC cloud platform, taking advantage of Rescale’s powerful, high-end hardware options and flexible EDEM pay-per-use pricing. Rescale’s multi-cloud platform provides an agile and dynamic solution to EDEM users who can now choose between a wide range of different pay-per-use hardware and software configurations. Rescale’s intuitive interface allows EDEM users to easily scale out their work and execute their DEM simulations, increasing efficiency and accelerating time to market. People who are new to EDEM can also take this opportunity to try out the software directly on Rescale’s platform.
“DEM is known to be a computationally intensive method. Using Rescale’s platform our customers can run simulations exactly when they need them – now!”, says Mark Cook, EDEM Product Manager. “By being able to scale up a project without the limitation of their internal computing resources many simulations can be ran simultaneously making use of massive processing power and offering ultimate flexibility.”
“Our team is excited to be collaborating with EDEM to offer their powerful and robust software on the Rescale platform, ” says Joris Poort, CEO of Rescale. “With Rescale’s seamless, turnkey solution, EDEM users can now leverage Rescale’s powerful infrastructure and unified environment to fully explore their design space and optimize their simulation workflow.”
Rescale and EDEM will be hosting a webinar on Wednesday,  July 20th, introducing EDEM software and demonstrating how to set up and execute EDEM simulations on Rescale’s platform.

For users interested in taking advantage of EDEM in the cloud on Rescale’s platforms, you can contact Rescale and EDEM using the resources below. To begin running EDEM immediately, you can create a free Rescale account by going to www.rescale.com/signup.
Email: info@edemsimulation.com
Phone: +44 (0)131 220 9840
Email: info@rescale.com
Phone: +1.855.737.2253
About EDEM
EDEM is the market-leading Discrete Element Method (DEM) software for bulk material simulation. EDEM simulation technology is used for ‘virtual testing’ of equipment that handles or processes bulk materials in the mining, equipment manufacturing and process industries. Companies worldwide use EDEM to optimize equipment design, increase productivity, reduce costs of operations, shorten product development cycles and drive product innovation.
Founded in 2003, EDEM is a global company headquartered in Edinburgh, UK with offices in USA and Japan and supported by a network of channel partners in Asia-Pacific, South America and South Africa. The executive team is Richard LaRoche – Chief Executive, Ian Williamson – Chief Revenue Officer and Gordon Grant – Chief Financial Officer.
For more information visit: www.edemsimulation.com
About Rescale
Rescale is the world’s leading cloud platform provider of simulation software and high performance computing (HPC) solutions. Rescale’s platform solutions are deployed securely and seamlessly to enterprises via a web-based application environment powered by preeminent simulation software providers and backed by the largest commercially available HPC infrastructure. Headquartered in San Francisco, CA, Rescale’s customers include global Fortune 500 companies in the aerospace, automotive, life sciences, marine, consumer products, and energy sectors.
For more information on Rescale products and services, visit https://rescale.com.

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