Get Certified with Rescale

September 27th: 9AM – 5PM KST

Earn your Rescale Certified User Expert credential and quickly gain the knowledge and skills you need to maximize your effectiveness with the Rescale platform in this 1-day instructor-led course.

September 27th
9AM – 5pm KST


서울 강남구 테헤란로 142 아크플레이스, 3층 3C (Wework)

Who is this training for?

This training is targeted to the general end-user of Rescale, who will be running their HPC simulations on the cloud through Rescale. While this training does go over basic administrator functionalities, a separate administrator-focused training course will be offered to Rescale administrator users.

Prerequisites for this course:

  • Familiarity with running one or more HPC applications 
  • Basic familiarity with running HPC applications on a cluster

Full Training Details

Getting Started

○ Platform, UI, & workflow overview
○ Workshop: Customizing user profiles

  • API key
  • SSH setup
  • CIDR Rules
  • MFA setup (optional)
  • How to review billings

○ How Rescale works: “behind the scenes”

Basic Jobs:

○ Rescale Job types and when to choose each
○ Basic Job setup and guidelines
○ Workshop: Running a Basic Job

Cloud HPC 101:

○ History of HPC
○ Introduction to parallel computing
○ Core parallelization concepts
○ HPC hardware components & software paradigms
○ Cloud infrastructure & core concepts
○ HPC in the cloud


○ Running applications interactively
○ Rescale Desktop types & options
○ Saving and transferring data in a remote desktop context
○ Snapshots and checkpointing
○ Desktop client options
○ Workshop: Post-Processing with a Classic Desktop


○ File handling, management policies, and storage options on Rescale
○ High-performance Storage (HPS) devices
○ Storage costs
○ Workshops: Launching an HPS & Attaching an HPS
○ HPS Best Practices

Administration & Software Licensing

○ Team & Budget management
○ Organization, workspace, & group admin controls
○ Software licensing models for software run on Rescale
○ Software licensing connection options
○ On-demand licensing
○ License troubleshooting

Advanced Topics Overview

○ Design of Experiments Jobs
○ Rescale Command Line Interface (CLI)
○ Automating workflows with REST API
○ Checkpointing and restarting simulations

What You Will Learn/Get

At the conclusion of the course, students will take a final test and become Rescale Certified User Experts, and will receive a digital badge certification credential.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, please check the Rescale Training Schedule here:

All training sessions will offer a remote attendance option. In addition, depending on travel and visit policies, training sessions may also be available at Rescale’s offices in San Francisco, California, or Salt Lake City, Utah. Rescale will provide details to fully confirmed participants.

Please contact us through to modify your registration.

Please contact us through to cancel your registration. You must submit cancellation requests 24 hours in advance.

Yes. In-person training hosted at Rescale’s offices requires that all participants wear a mask at all times and show proof of vaccination or negative covid test results.

If the participant submits a justified cancellation on time (at least 24 hours in advance), Rescale will fully refund the training session fee.

Yes. The training session recordings and materials will be available to trainees that complete the training course.

Successful completion of the course and then passing a certification exam. We designed the content and session practices to help you succeed in the exam on the same day.

Yes. The certification is valid for 2 years. Rescale is an evolving platform and hence, it is expected that users would need to be re-certified to ensure they are up to date with Rescale latest services and offerings.

Yes. The training content will combine instructor-led lectures, hands-on workshops, demos and Q&A sessions.

Rescale will provide trainees with access to our training sandbox environment. Compute charges are all included in the registration fee. The hands-on sessions will use scientific or engineering open-source software.

After completing the training and certification, trainees will effectively use their personal or company accounts on the Rescale platform to submit HPC workloads in the cloud. They will be able to configure and start basic batch jobs and feel more confident selecting cloud HPC resources. They will also be on top of managing their data and downloading or post-processing results directly on the cloud. They should also be able to share their knowledge with peers and co-workers. 
Upon completion of this course and passing the certification exam, you will also receive a digital badge to highlight the skills that you have acquired from this course. This Rescale Certified User Expert badge signifies that the badge holder has demonstrated a comprehension of cloud HPC concepts, familiarity with the Rescale platform, and the ability to run Rescale jobs and utilize the platform’s core capabilities.