Let’s meet at Foam@Iberia!

November 2nd – 3rd 2023 | Guimarães, Portugal

The 5th FOAM@Iberia Meeting, is the annual gathering for the OpenFOAM community, in Guimarães, Portugal at Centro Cultural Vila Flor.

With its transformative impact, CFD continues to shape the future of engineering and scientific research. If you’re attending the FOAM@Iberia Meeting connect with the team to learn how Rescale is supporting organisation like yours to harness the power of CFD simulations, to optimize designs, analyze fluid behavior, and make informed decisions, thereby pushing the boundaries of innovation and advancing our understanding of complex fluid dynamics phenomena.

Don’t miss our workshop session on LEVERAGING ARM ARCHITECTURE AND RESCALE CLOUD HPC PLATFORM FOR ENHANCED OPENFOAM PERFORMANCE: A COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS. Book time with us and attend the our workshop on the day to try your luck to win a some cool Rescale Swag!

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Join workshop: Leveraging ARM architecture and Rescale cloud HPC platform for enhanced OPENFOAM performance: A comparative analysis

Join Sam Zakrzewski in this comparative analysis to investigate computational performance, scalability, and cost of OpenFOAM simulations using
ARM-based instances and traditional x86 architectures. We aim to guide researchers and practitioners in making informed decisions regarding the optimal hardware and cloud infrastructure for their CFD simulations, ultimately contributing to more efficient computational workflows enabled by
an agile and customisable solution.

Book your one-to-one appointment with a Rescale expert to discuss your CFD challenges. Rescale's high performance computing (HPC), designed for the cloud, provides solutions to the toughest problems facing engineering and R&D teams across all industries.

Sam Zakrzewski

Solutions Architect

Guillaume Trainar

Enterprise Sales Director, Southern Europe

Resources for CFD Professionals

Exponent Expands HPC Capabilities With Rescale to Drive the Future Of Computational Engineering

Case Study Overview  Exponent provides a wide variety of engineering and scientific consulting services to the world’s largest innovators. As increasing technological complexity carries both great advantages and risks, Exponent’s clients often rely on their simulation and testing expertise which require the latest high-performance computing (HPC) capabilities available. With growth in the number of clients,...

Supersonic Simulations in the Cloud: Spike Aerospace Migrates All CFD to the Cloud

Download the PDF Background and Challenge Spike Aerospace is a fast-growing engineering firm developing the world’s first supersonic business jet with Quiet Supersonic Flight technology. Spike runs hundreds of complex CFD simulations to understand the aerodynamic performance of their aircraft. CFD simulations are computationally intensive and traditionally require significant investment in on-premise infrastructure, tens of...

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Rescale accelerates digital R&D by providing turn-key intelligent automation solutions. Our platform enables modern-day computational engineering tools and workflows to efficiently deploy, utilize and managae cloud HPC computational resources to achieve optimal performance. Browse our broad library of supported software here.

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Enable advanced HPC applications such as Computational fluid dynamics (CFD), particle fluidics, Finite Element Analysis (FEA), Hydrodynamics and other solving methods applied to energy use cases.

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Rescale provides a turnkey multi-cloud HPC platform that supports hybrid cloud, delivering instant, scalable access to the latest specialized architectures with policy-based management and automation.

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Rescale’s cloud platform and its advanced collaboration and data transfer tools, gives scientists access to the virtually unlimited resources required to perform advanced simulations.

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Rescale empowers organizations to achieve science and engineering breakthroughs by eliminating complexity. From supersonic jets to personalized medicine, industry leaders accelerate new product innovations with unprecedented speed and efficiency with the Rescale Platform - a solution for intelligent full-stack automation for big compute and R& collaboration on hybrid cloud. Rescale enables IT leaders to deliver high performance computing as a service, with software automation on a hybrid cloud control plane with security, architecture, and financial controls. Learn how you can modernize high performance computing at Rescale.com

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