Let’s meet at Rice University’s Energy HPC Conference


Rescale is computational engineering built for the cloud to empower engineers while giving IT security and control. We will be on-site at the Rice Conference and would love to connect with you!

Energy companies from oil & gas and renewables to producers and utilities depend on new computational tools to meet growing efficiency, environmental, economic, sustainability, and safety requirements.

Computational Engineering and High Performance Computing (HPC) were traditionally managed on-premises but the rapid growth in energy complexity combined with new technologies available in the cloud has driven leading energy companies to move their digital engineering to the cloud to transform their capabilities and productivity.

Power Engineering Breakthroughs to Meet Growing Demands

Enable advanced computational engineering applications

Computational fluid dynamics (CFD), particle
fluidics, Finite Element Analysis (FEA),
Hydrodynamics and other solving methods
applied to energy use-cases:

• Offshore platform simulation
• Windmill turbine placement
• Sub-sea exploration
• Turbine components
• Flexible pipelines
• Mooring stabilization

Drive Transformational Business Outcomes

»Discover new energy technologies
» Increase energy system efficiency
» Accelerate project timelines
» Improve operational safety
» Meet strict compliance standards

Explore our solution by role

Rescale accelerates digital R&D by providing turn-key intelligent automation solutions. Our platform enables modern-day computational engineering tools and workflows to efficiently deploy, utilize and manage cloud HPC computational resources to achieve optimal performance.

Solutions for R&D

Enable advanced HPC applications such as Computational fluid dynamics (CFD), particle fluidics, Finite Element Analysis (FEA), Hydrodynamics, and other solving methods applied to energy use cases.

Solutions for IT/HPC Management

Rescale provides a turnkey multi-cloud HPC platform that supports hybrid cloud, delivering instant, scalable access to the latest specialized architectures with policy-based management and automation.

Get turnkey access to the latest technologies, on-demand

Browse our broad library of supported software here.

Connect with a Rescale Expert

Rescale delivers solutions for the toughest problems facing the energy market.
Book your one-on-one briefing with a Rescale expert to discuss your digital transformation needs. Our team is eager to discuss how we are helping learning energy organizations transform the way they approach research and development and engineering innovation.

From supersonic jets to personalized medicine, industry leaders are bringing new product innovations to market with unprecedented speed and efficiency with Rescale. Rescale’s cloud platform delivers intelligent full-stack automation and performance optimization. Engineering teams use Rescale to get faster time to answer, access to the latest software and hardware options, and easy and unlimited access to the compute resources they need. IT teams use Rescale to deliver HPC-as-a-Service with a secure control plane to deliver any application, on any architecture, at any scale on their cloud of choice.

Mark Jackson
Enterprise Account Executive at Rescale
Lou Marchant
Enterprise Account Executive at Rescale

Featured Customer: NOV

NOV is a global leader in oil and gas and renewable energy, and uses advanced computer-aided engineering (CAE) simulation to design and test new technology pumps, regulators, and drill heads. Engineering and IT teams decided to pursue a global cloud HPC strategy managed on Rescale that alleviated resource constraints and unlocked new capabilities in oil and gas and renewables R&D to bring new products to market faster.

Optimization & Efficiency

100% software license utilization and optimization of licencing costs

Reduction in Deployment Time

 95% reduction in cloud HPC deployment time

Cost Savings

80%+ decrease in upfront HPC costs and reduced overall operational costs