New Era of “Engineering Intelligence” As Neural Concepts Partners with Rescale to Deliver 3D AI with HPC SCALE

Neural Concept, a world-leading pioneer in 3D deep learning technology for product design, today announced a new partnership with Rescale, a leader in high performance computing (HPC) built for the cloud. The partnership will give engineers access to highly elastic compute power to train state-of-the art AI models, and be used to predict 3D simulation results in seconds on Neural Concept’s platform – accelerating innovation in engineering. 

Despite global challenges requiring rapid innovation, bringing new automotive and aerospace solutions to market is slow for many organizations. Design engineers today must build countless iterations of potential product and component designs and simulate feature outcomes for each iteration. The design and development process requires a tremendous amount of compute power and hundreds, even thousands, of hours of human effort – resulting in a highly-protracted time-to-market for new innovations. 

Neural Concept is a world-leader in 3D deep learning for product design, with 60+ OEM customers across aerospace and automotive using Neural Concept’s platform – Neural Concept Shape (NCS) – for lightning fast product development. Customers include Airbus, European Space Agency, Bosch, Mubea and Subaru. NCS leverages the company’s proprietary technology to reduce product development times by up to 75%, speed up product simulation by 10x, and improve product characteristics including efficiency, safety, speed, and aerodynamics by up to 30%. 

By integrating NCS into Rescale’s HPC-as-a-Service platform, OEM customers can now scale their model training with the flexibility of Rescale’s fully integrated cloud platform – drastically accelerating innovation, expediting development and manufacturing cycles, and reducing overall engineering costs.

Mark Fieldhouse, VP & GM, Americas & EMEA, Rescale said, “Partnerships form a crucial part of Rescale’s global strategy, driving a critical ecosystem of trusted innovators that accelerates the industries we serve.  Rescale’s collaborative approach to serving its customers can only be achieved with strong relationships like Neural Concept. Their pioneering 3D AI platform for design simulation, perfectly compliments Rescales cloud first approach to delivering HPC to R&D teams globally.  Our joint customers will now benefit from the incredible agility and almost unlimited compute that Rescale’s cloud platform provides – ushering in a new era for manufacturing and design innovation.

Pierre Baqué, CEO and cofounder of Neural Concept said, “Global challenges require innovative solutions and an accelerated time-to-market; the world simply cannot afford to wait years and years – or even decades – for more sustainable solutions. By partnering with Rescale, we can give aerospace and automotive OEMs access to lightning-fast numerical simulations and radically innovative 3D product designs with HPC-as-a-Service scalability. This is the new era of engineering intelligence, where global challenges and new market opportunities can be rapidly addressed by the seamless integration of cutting-edge 3D AI, HPC-as-a-Service and OEM engineering know-how.”

Neural Concept will be joining Rescale at NAFEMS on 14 and 15 February to discuss the
AI/ML trends that are shaping the future of engineering. You can find the full event details

About Neural Concept

Neural Concept uses deep learning to provide industrial companies with lightning fast numerical simulations and radically innovative designs. Where traditional physical solvers would take days or weeks to evaluate a single design, our neural network-based predictive models allow engineers to test and optimise design ideas in real time. We believe that this technology will change forever how engineers design and shape tomorrow’s world.

The company was founded in 2018 in one of the world’s most advanced AI labs at EPFL, Switzerland. More than 60 engineering projects have been successfully completed with the Neural Concept Shape platform since then. It is 40+ employees strong and has already established solid and fast-growing revenues. Neural Concept is backed by venture capital investors including CNB Capital, High-Tech Gruenderfonds and Venture Kick who share our ambition about establishing our position as market leaders. 

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About Rescale

Rescale provides high performance computing built for the cloud to empower engineers while giving IT security and control. The Rescale platform makes it simple for engineers and scientists to harness the most advanced software and computing architectures for cutting-edge, simulation and AI-driven innovation. For IT, the Rescale platform provides full-stack security and support, and delivers policy-based financial and architectural controls to maximize performance and efficiency.  Rescale powers the world’s leading companies to accelerate innovation across industries including life sciences, automotive, energy, semiconductor, aerospace, and manufacturing.