Rescale Announces Metadata Management for Seamless Data Collaboration and AI-assisted Product Development

Enabling engineers and researchers to uncover new insights from simulations, create digital threads, and simplify applied AI/ML workflows to accelerate innovation

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San Francisco, CA – December 14, 2023Rescale, the leader in high performance computing built for the cloud, announces Rescale Metadata Management, a turnkey solution to capture the digital thread and context of R&D data so teams can collaborate effectively and make product decisions quickly.  Rescale Metadata Management supports simulation data management strategies by providing a user-centric approach to data capture and data governance, while integrating with an organizations’ PLM or SPDM systems.

Today’s engineering and scientific research teams collaborate in the R&D process to evaluate a wide range of product designs and performance criteria. The accelerating growth in AI and simulation-enhanced product development has created a data explosion which organizations are struggling to manage. As companies rapidly adopt these technologies, engineers and scientists often spend nearly half their time managing or searching for the data they need with as much as 97% of generated data going unused. 

Rescale Metadata Management is a cloud-based data management framework that provides a seamless, flexible, and automated approach to capture simulation and R&D data context and insights. Organizations can use this capability simply by using Rescale, without the need for complex process tool implementations or changing how they work. See it in action.

“Simulation collaboration across our engineering disciplines is essential in making fast and accurate product decisions,” said Brandon Haugh, Director of Modeling and Simulation at Kairos Power. “Rescale Metadata Management allows engineers to capture context on components, parameters, and performance outcomes, accelerating engineering decisions and product delivery time. Rescale provides a source of truth for our engineering data to capture the intent and outcome of every simulation, making insights easily accessible and decisions that are traceable for all teams involved. This helps us meet tight R&D timelines, while reducing time spent managing data and preventing duplicate work.”

Built on Rescale’s unique cloud-based control plane architecture to run any engineering application on any cloud, Rescale Metadata Management enables several key use cases to enhance how engineering teams work together and support existing simulation lifecycle management tools: 

  • Model-Based Collaboration: Engineering teams can share product data and context for various analyses from concept design to final validation with access to always-up-to-date models. 
  • Simulation Data Traceability: Engineering leaders can view holistic simulation history and decisions with context on inputs, intentions, and findings for final approvals, regulatory audits, or troubleshooting production issues.
  • Simulation Data Governance: IT and engineering administrators can set best practices and enforce policies to standardize processes for improved data quality and completeness while monitoring costs and project status. 

“Our customers rely on Rescale to serve as the modern foundation for engineering-driven innovation.” said Edward Hsu, Rescale’s Chief Product Officer. “Our role as the cloud-based control plane for engineering computing helps to deliver unparalleled capabilities which can smoothly transition our customers toward digital engineering processes without disruption.”

To learn more about Rescale Metadata Management or to sign up for a demo, visit Current Rescale customers can request beta access by contacting their account team directly. 

About Rescale

Rescale provides high performance computing built for the cloud to empower engineers while giving IT security and control. The Rescale platform makes it simple for engineers and scientists to harness the most advanced software and computing architectures for cutting-edge, simulation and AI-driven innovation. For IT, the Rescale platform provides full-stack security and support, and delivers policy-based financial and architectural controls to maximize performance and efficiency.  Rescale powers the world’s leading companies to accelerate innovation across industries including life sciences, automotive, energy, semiconductor, aerospace, and manufacturing.