Rescale Announces Software Publisher: A Better Way for Engineering Teams to Deploy Simulation Software in the Cloud with Streamlined Performance and Governance Controls

Rescale Software Publisher greatly simplifies how organizations manage open-source, in-house, and other specialized applications for research and engineering, ensuring consistent security and administrative controls while streamlining access to high performance computing in the cloud

Introducing Rescale Software Publisher

San Francisco, CA – May 16, 2023Rescale, the leader in high performance computing (HPC) built for the cloud, announces availability of Rescale Software Publisher.

Rescale provides a comprehensive portfolio of 1000+ commercial and open-source R&D applications, but a growing number of organizations also build their own proprietary simulation tools. Ad-hoc cloud deployments of in-house software can often create serious administrative headaches as well as potential security and compliance risks.

To address this issue, Rescale built Software Publisher to make it quick and simple for organizations to securely run their own custom software on public HPC cloud services, helping further accelerate their pace of innovation.

This new capability of the Rescale platform gives research and engineering professionals dependable and seamless access to their software tools from anywhere, while IT teams can centrally manage all software and ensure strict security.  With Software Publisher, R&D teams can easily tap into the intrinsic advantages of HPC cloud services to power their specialized applications.

“Thanks to Rescale’s cloud platform, we were already able to run fire simulations more efficiently than ever before using the open-source Fire Dynamics Simulator (FDS),” says Dr. Susanne Kilian, scientific head of numerical simulation at hhpberlin. “With Rescale Software Publisher, we can now also bring our in-house and custom visualization software to the cloud, which will be another booster for our engineering capabilities. In this way, Rescale will enable any of our engineers to leverage their analysis insights and hhpberlin’s unique simulation approach with any application of their choice. The ability to self-publish software on the Rescale platform will enable us to perform a wide range of analysis and post-processing faster and more efficiently to fulfill our mission of making cities safer, more sustainable, and more livable.”

Rescale Software Publisher also ensures consistent software install images for streamlined reuse, as well as providing pre-configured sandbox environments to build, test, and validate in-house software prior to publishing. And for existing commercial software, Software Publisher makes it easy to manage licenses to run those applications on HPC cloud services.

Any software deployed via Software Publisher benefits from the broader capabilities integrated into the Rescale platform. Organizations can automate enforcement of IT policies to ensure security, compliance, and user controls across local and global teams. The applications available on the Rescale platform are easily accessible by authorized users. Automated software configurations ensure consistency, portability, and performance.

“The simulation software portfolios used by engineering-driven companies are a source of competitive advantage and often include proprietary models,” says Edward Hsu, Chief Product Officer at Rescale. “Operating a fast-changing R&D software catalog across dynamic cloud environments can be difficult for IT teams. Rescale Software Publisher helps our customers and partners empower their R&D organizations to run any software they need at will, optimized for performance, all while adhering to IT-defined policies around data locality, security, and compliance.”

To learn more about Rescale Software Publisher or to sign up for a demo, visit Current Rescale customers can gain beta access by contacting their account team directly.

About Rescale

Rescale provides high performance computing built for the cloud. Rescale’s platform makes it simple for scientists, engineers, and innovators to harness the most advanced software and computing architectures for cutting-edge, AI-driven research and innovation. The platform provides IT managers the security and control needed to securely, efficiently and cost-effectively provide full stack R&D computing services with the latest simulation, AI, and accelerated computing capabilities. With Rescale, the world’s leading companies are accelerating innovation in the life sciences, automotive, energy, semiconductor, aerospace, manufacturing, and other industries. With Rescale’s HPC-as-a-service, organizations can access any application, on any architecture, at any scale, deployed on the best capabilities of any cloud.