Rescale Introduces ANSYS Software and Elastic Licensing to its Platform

San Francisco, CA – Rescale and ANSYS are pleased to announce a strategic partnership that will provide users of ANSYS’ suite of engineering simulation software the ability to run their simulations on Rescale’s scalable, turn-key, cloud-based platform. ANSYS’ new Elastic Licensing for cloud computing, which allows users to purchase pay-per-use licensing, is available to be hosted and deployed on Rescale, while ANSYS users can also use their own traditional lease and paid-up licenses.
ANSYS offers simulation-driven product development tools across the entire range of physics, including structural mechanics, computational fluid dynamics (CFD), electromagnetics, explicit dynamics, as well as the combination of these physics. Now, eight of those tools (including CFX, CHEMKIN-PRO, Fluent, HFSS, Maxwell, and Mechanical) are available, pre-configured and optimized, on Rescale’s powerful, turn-key simulation platform. By accessing the Rescale platform through any browser, ANSYS users can easily run sophisticated engineering simulations on Rescale’s global multi-cloud HPC network of 60+ data centers in 25+ locations. Engineers can scale out on thousands of cores and choose hardware configurations optimized to the diverse needs of the ANSYS suite, with options ranging from economical HPC configurations to cutting-edge bare metal systems, low-latency InfiniBand interconnect, and the latest Intel and NVIDIA chipsets.
Pay-as-you-go, no-commitment hardware and ANSYS Elastic Licensing ensure that dynamic HPC resources are responsive to the variability in simulation loads that engineering enterprises face, which in turn enables shortened product design cycles and increased IT agility. “Customers love the flexibility that our turn-key solution and pay-as-you-go hardware give them, and we are excited to be extending that flexibility to ANSYS software users. Agile resources will help our mutual customers utilize computing and simulation to drive new innovations faster across a broad spectrum of industries,” said Rescale co-founder and CEO Joris Poort. Additionally, enterprises can leverage Rescale’s built-in administration and collaboration tools to manage resources and improve results across the design portfolio, as well as trust in best-in-class security features such as built-in enterprise-grade encryption, SOC2 compliance, and an ITAR compliant platform.
Ray Milhem, VP of Enterprise Solutions and Cloud at ANSYS, echoed the importance of flexibility, saying, “We’ve always given our customers a number of deployment options with our comprehensive range of engineering simulation software products. Now, by making our software available on Rescale with Elastic Licensing, we’re also giving the option to elastically expand their simulations and hardware to better meet project timing. Engineers have more power and more flexibility than ever before.”
About Rescale
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