Secure File Sharing Built For
Collaboration and Innovation

Rescale Cloud File System delivers turnkey management of leading file system technologies with high-performance parallel storage to accelerate applied AI and R&D computing.

Automated Administration

Fast, Parallel File Systems
Available Instantly, and Managed Automatically

Turnkey setup and administration for fastest deployment of the latest high performance storage on leading clouds such as Azure Managed Lustre. Automated directory and access management with file synchronization to object storage for optimal cost performance.

Secure Collaboration

Seamless, Secure File Access
For Teams and Projects

Always connected, secure, and performant file system with policy-driven access controls to enable real-time R&D simulation and AI collaboration while safeguarding sensitive data and intellectual property. Ensure designated users and applications have fast, parallel access to necessary file input and output dependencies.

Unified File Management

Uniform File Access
Across Storage Locations

A centralized platform for seamless file access across multiple storage technologies. Leverage the power of metadata-based search to eliminate time wasted navigating complex folder structures, empowering your team to efficiently locate and collaborate on documents, simulations, and data.

Industry Standard Systems

Proven and Performant 
File System Capabilities

  • POSIX Compliant automounted Lustre-based file system
  • Scalable to tens of thousands of nodes
  • Performant to tens of TB/s of aggregate throughput
  • Automated file synchronization for optimal cost performance

“At TempoQuest we develop state-of-the-art technologies for weather and climate modeling. Delivering accurate and timely predictions requires extremely fast shared file system access across the large GPU clusters running our simulations. Effectively managing our massive storage challenges is critical for the success of our customers who rely on our predictions to make informed decisions regarding everything from launching rockets to emergency management in high-impact weather events.”
–Samm Elliott, Director of Software Engineering and Customer Solutions at TempoQuest

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