Cloud Computing Infrastructure for HPC

Any Architecture, Any Cloud, Worldwide

Instant access to the world’s latest high-performance computing architectures, from anywhere in our global cloud provider network.

  • Preconfigured coretypes simplify finding the right architectures
  • Use any architecture from our global multi-cloud network
  • Successful job completion guarantee backed by SLA

Enhanced Infrastructure Services
on the Largest Cloud HPC Network

The latest specialized architectures from leading cloud providers enhanced by Rescale’s unique job success guarantee. A range of options helps you balance flexibility, cost savings, and time-to-solve objectives.

Broad Set of High Performance
Computing Architectures


Intel Xeon Skylake, Phi, Broadwell


Xilinx FPGA


NVIDIA Volta V100

NVIDIA Tesla P100

NVIDIA Tesla K80



3.2-3.10 GB/core

up to 2TB/server


Low latency 10 GigE, 25 GigE and Infiniband


Solid State Disks (SSD) 15-400 GB/core or unlimited

Rescale Coretypes

Simplify finding the right hardware architecture and configuration with
predefined coretypes optimized for each workload.

Find out the best Rescale coretype for your applications:

Coretype Portfolio

The latest high performance computing architectures available on Rescale’s global cloud provider network.

Primary Coretypes Memory (GB/Core) Network IO Storage (GB/Core) Processor
Albite 28 200.0 120 (SSD) AMD EPYC 7763 (Milan)
Amber 4 100.0 11 (SSD) AMD EPYC 7551 (Naples)
Amber v2 4 200.0 8 (SSD) AMD EPYC 7742 (Rome)
Ammonite 4.3 200.0 8 (SSD) AMD EPYC 7742 (Rome)
Apatite 5.45 200.0 10 (SSD) AMD EPYC 7742 (Rome)
Carbon 8 100.0 15 (SSD) Intel Xeon Platinum 8168 (Skylake)
Diamond 16 25.0 75 (SSD) Intel Xeon Platinum 8151
Dolomite 15.25 25.0 75 (SSD) NVIDIA V100-enabled w/ NVLink, Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2686 v4 (Broadwell)
Edenite 14 200.0 60 (SSD) AMD EPYC 7763 (Milan)
Emerald 4 25.0 36 (SSD) Intel Xeon Platinum P-8124 (Skylake)
Ferrite 4 10.0 16 (SSD) Intel Xeon Platinum 8168 (Skylake)
Granite 7 10.0 50 (SSD) Intel Xeon E5-2673 v3 (Haswell)
Hematite 7 200.0 30 (SSD) AMD EPYC 7763 (Milan)
Nickel 3.8 10.0 40 (SSD) Intel Xeon E5-2680 v2 (Ivy Bridge)
Jasper 8 200.0 16 (SSD) AMD EPYC 7742 (Rome)
Limonite 4.67 200.0 20 (SSD) AMD EPYC 7763 (Milan)
Luna 4 25.0 36 (SSD) 2nd Generation Intel Xeon Scalable Processors (Cascade Lake)
Mercury 8 56.0 142 (SSD) Intel Xeon E5-2667 v3 (Haswell)
Obsidian 30.5 25.0 37 (SSD) Intel Xeon E5-2676 v3 (Haswell)
Peridot 10.91 200.0 21 (SSD) AMD EPYC 7742 (Rome)
Platinum 1.4 100.0 1 Intel Xeon Phi CPU 7250 (KNL)
Rozenite 3.75 200.0 16 (SSD) AMD EPYC 7763 (Milan)
Ruby 16 25.0 75 (SSD) Intel Xeon Platinum 8175M (Skylake)
Titanium 8 25.0 80 (SSD) Intel Xeon E5-2676 v3 (Haswell)
Specialty Coretypes
Aquamarine v3 18.67 10.0 122 (SSD) Intel Xeon E5-2690 v4 (Broadwell) CPUs
Beryl 8 56.0 15 Intel Xeon E5-2697AV4 (Broadwell)
Borate 8 25.0 37 (SSD) Intel Xeon Platinum 8259CL CPU
Calcite 8 30.0 75 (SSD) Intel Xeon Platinum 8272CL (Cascade Lake)
Catseye 5.25 100.0 36 (SSD) Intel Xeon Platinum P-8124 (Skylake)
Cedar 4 100.0 12 AMD EPYC (Rome)
Chromium 15.75 30.0 75 (SSD) Intel Xeon Platinum 8272CL (Cascade Lake)
Citrine 15.25 25.0 7 (SSD) NVIDIA Tesla M60, Intel Xeon E5-2686 v4 (Broadwell)
Graphite 15.25 25.0 475 (SSD) Intel Xeon E5-2686 v4 (Broadwell)
Halite 10.67 40.0 91 Intel Xeon CPU E5-2667 (Sandy Bridge)
Quartz 15.25 20.0 400 (SSD) Intel Xeon E5-2670 v2 (Ivy Bridge)
Gold 15.25 10.0 40 (SSD) Intel Xeon E5-2670 v2 (Ivy Bridge)
Ivory 8 56.0 50 Intel Xeon E5-2670 (Sandy Bridge)
Maple 8 20.0 36 AMD EPYC 7000 series
Melanite 8 25.0 80 (SSD) Intel Xeon Platinum 8175 (Skylake)
Moonstone 16 25.0 40 (SSD) Intel Xeon Platinum 8175M (Skylake)
Oak 16 20.0 24 AMD EPYC 7000 series
Pearl 14 10.0 192 (SSD) Intel Xeon E5 v3 (Haswell)
Selenium 4 20.0 22 Intel E3-1270 (Sandy Bridge)
Spruce 8 30.0 16 (SSD) AMD EPYC 7452 (Rome)
Sunstone 16 56.0 142 (SSD) Intel Xeon E5-2667 v3 (Haswell)
Topaz 30.5 25.0 56 (SSD) Intel Xeon E7-8880 v3 (Haswell)
Zinc 15.25 25.0 40 (SSD) Intel Xeon E5-2686 v4 (Broadwell)

Key Considerations For Hardware Selection

Businesses, on average, can increase workload performance by 30% and reduce overall simulation costs by 20% just by choosing a more optimal core type on Rescale.
Do you have a strategy to keep up with the latest technologies across all available across multiple providers?
Are you currently using the best cloud architectures for your specific workloads, optimized for cost, speed, or scale?

What metrics and data sources are you leveraging to maximize the performance and efficiency of your HPC and engineering resources?

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